What Is An Altar?

 What the Heck Is An Altar?

An altar is usually a table or some kind of a surface with meaningful artifacts. There’s an unlimited amount of reasons for and ways to use an altar. You can create an altar any way you’d like or you can follow some common guidelines that have evolved through centuries, cultures and refined methods. But keep in mind that you can and should do what is most meaningful to you personally, especially if you’d like to use an altar to connect with your authentic self.

Do I Need A Miniature Buddha Or A Bunch of Tacky Religious Figurines?

You can use whatever you’d like for your altar. An tiny tin box with 25 cent trinkets can work just as well as an extravagant display of statues and geodes. If a certain person in history, a god or goddess or if tacky religious figurines mean something to you, you are free to place them on your altar. While there are guidelines to help you sort it all out, there are no hard, fast rules. You might find that you connect with some artifacts, but not with others. Your inner truth will let you know.

What Is An Altar

But really, what is an altar and what is it for? I’m so confused.

Some people use an altar for religious reasons, for worshiping or making sacrifices to a deity. The kind of altar I’m talking about is a little different. An altar in this case is about manifesting a certain intention out into the world. It’s a way to give solid form to our abstract hopes and ideas. We don’t want our dreams to stay stuck in our mind like castles in the sky. We want to make them a reality in the physical realm. This involves using our inner life force energy to change something in our external world. But this isn’t the only way an altar is used.

Here are some other possible ways an altar is used:

As a soul space

As a means of setting aside a time and space to consciously focus on something we want to add to or release from our lives

A way for us to prove to the universe that we’re serious about a particular intent so that the universal energy field clearly knows how to support us

A map to guide us, or an overall vision, as we move toward a certain life direction

What Is An Altar
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Why would I want to use an altar? What are the benefits?

An altar is a portal for fresh, new energy to flow through us, opening new pathways in our life, a way to open up to and invite change.

We can use an altar to clear energy blocks. It can also bring outdated mental programming and limiting beliefs to the surface so we can confront them.

It can also help us release buried traumas or suppressed emotions.

An altar can also help us:

Let go of attachments to things or relationships that are no longer conducive to who we are

Open ourselves up to and attract love or passion

Instigate a new plan for self-care, health, body image or our appearance

Manifest the career of our dreams

Expand our business prosperity

Should I worry about evil spirits if I use an altar?

There are different thoughts on “evil” entities; personally I don’t worry about them because I’ve never directly encountered any during my altar rituals. If you’re concerned about that, there are ways to cleanse your energy space, such as using crystals and/or smudge sticks with that intention. It’s a similar concept to “clearing the air” with a friend or coworker who might have us all worked up, and then enforcing our boundaries.

To reiterate:

An altar is a way to start manifesting our dreams into physical reality by setting certain desired events into motion.

An altar can help us harmonize our mind, body and spirit (energy) which is necessary to manifest something in our life. If it only remains a dream concept in our mind without inner passion and physical action, it can’t come to fruition.

Does this inspire you to create an altar? Have you ever used an altar? What was your experience like?

Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish, is a healthy vegan mama living in the Pacific Northwest. Her life mission involves researching the esoteric arts, guiding souls along their awakening path, and contributing to a world of humans doing what they love. She’s available for readings and counseling, and would love to be your friend on social media.