What Clients Have Said About Tarot Readings By Elizabeth, AKA Intuitive Fish

All quotes used with permission.


“My readings have been so spot on that it’s scary ridiculous. They’re so right on and I get very similar conclusions during my therapy sessions. Elizabeth has gone over and beyond her pay grade. She communicates not only clearly, timely and professional but also with love, kindness & affection. I would tell her my deepest darkest secret and feel so loved and accepted. Every time Elizabeth has provided me with so many ideas and what’s cool is the ideas also go along with my therapy sessions! So it feels confirming.” – Heather Magee


Tarot Readings by Intuitive Fish, intuitivefish.com“You responded professionally and on time…. I’d absolutely recommend your readings to others…. The reading was accurate! As someone who was taught about the evils of tarot, it’s so awesome that I’ve come across someone like you, Elizabeth….  You blow all my preconceived conceptions of tarot right out of the water. You’re the real deal.”

– Robert D. Underwood


“Elizabeth has done a few readings for me and they’ve affirmed my natural inclinations and given me so much confidence to proceed with my life and walk strong.”

– Melissa Ligtenberg


Tarot Readings by Intuitive Fish, intuitivefish.com“You showed a professional way and were very clear in the way you communicated the information. The answers cleared up many things for me. Very spot on!!! I lost my job and my wife passed away. The reading dealt with that without you even knowing. It was very on point…. I would recommend you without hesitation!!!”

– Joseph Ortiz


Tarot Readings by Intuitive Fish, intuitivefish.com“I thought you did a nice job after my first reading of helping me to pinpoint where we needed to focus. And I just love the reading that you designed….

You responded to my thoughts and feedback (on the first reading) quickly, and then you gave me a time when I could expect my next reading and I received that reading exactly on time! In fact, if I remember correctly it was in my email inbox first thing that morning, and I was so excited it felt like unwrapping a gift at Christmas!

The reading was accurate and also very intuitive. Everything you wrote really resonated, and each point you made was right-on. It was almost as though you had taken a look into my innermost thoughts and feelings and allowed the understanding and insight from that to guide you as you read the cards. As I read each piece, I kept thinking, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

…It felt very safe for me when I read the results, and you were very gentle as you touched on areas that may be personal for me….”

– Mary-Claire Bryant