The New Earth That’s Happening Now

According to quantum physics and logic itself, what we focus on expands. Our thoughts, beliefs and visions create our reality. What does this mean?

It means we need a collective vision in order to change the world and make it a better place for all. The following is the vision I hold personally for a new planet.

If you think this New Earth sounds like an impossible dream, think again! The following ideas not only can happen, they are happening or they’re in the process of happening as we speak.

If you think there isn’t enough money and resources to go around, remember that scarcity is an elite-controlled illusion. The Earth produces enough resources for multiple times our current population.

General Overview

  • Open Source, Free Market Global Society
  • Short Set Of Global Laws Determined By Global Majority Vote With Vast Leeway For Unique Cases
  • Justice Upheld By Everyday Citizens, Community Justice System, Global Majority Vote And Global Laws
  • Diversity In Unity
  • Individuals With Highest Intelligence And Creative Skills In Their Field Naturally Given More Recognition, Responsibility And Power To Influence
  • All Decision-makers Are Open To Impeachment At Any Time By Majority Vote

The New Earth


  • Advanced Global, Environmentally Conscious Technology Used For Voting Systems, Determining And Implementing Base Income, Keeping Stats & Records, Environmental Care, Eco-conscious Homes & Indoor Temperature Control, Transportation, Communications, Food Distribution, Assisting Disabilities, Infant Care, Elderly Care, Healthcare And Health Assessments, Disposing Public Waste, Etc
  • Free Energy Device In Every Home, Public Space And Transportation System
  • Free Internet Access In Every Home And Public Space, All Privately Owned And Open Source Online Apps Are Free To Public
  • Free Website And Private or Public Personal Web Designer, Quality Web Design App Or Web Design Company For Every Company And Citizen Of The Planet
  • Quality Of Privately Owned Domains, Online Organizations And Market Places Upheld By Public Voting Reviews

Currency, Economy, Taxes And Trade

  • Currency: Global Currency Based On Gold, Silver And Precious Metals; Global Economy Based on Free Market; Material Paper And Coin Currency Replaced By Advanced Technology With Top Security Measures
  • Basic Income: Free Base Income For Every Human Citizen On The Planet Including Infants {Amount Same For All But Fluctuates With Global Economy}
  • Economy: Material Products And Physical Services Sold At Market Prices, Non-material Products {Such As Online Media} And Non-physical Services {Such As Online Information And Art} Sold Through Gift Economies
  • Taxes: People And Companies Gladly Pay Taxes In Return For Global Happiness And Personal Fulfillment
    • Flat Rate {Same For All} Percentage Tax On Income Higher Than Base
    • All Profit Companies, Organizations And Religious Organizations Are Taxed
    • Income Earned Through Personal Monetary Gifts And Gift Economies Also Taxed
    • All Monetary Income Other Than Base Income Is Taxed
  • Resource-based Economy: After Transitioning To Global Currency, Focus On Global Transition To A Moneyless Or Resource-based Economy
  • Business: Amazon Buyer/Seller Model, 3D Printer Shipping, Highest Votes And Quality Reviewers At Top, Free Returns, Easy Claims, Quick Retribution For Buyer/Seller Disputes
  • Companies: Every Individual In A Company Collaborates Together And Votes On Company Decisions, Top Decision-Makers Are Naturally Recognized, Respected And Have More Influence
    • All Companies Include Benefits According To Global Law Voted By Public; For example, 8 Weeks A Year Paid Vacations, 4 Year Maternity Leave Pay, And Do Not Exceed Required 4-Hour Work Day, 4-Day Work Week
    • Company Decisions And Records Accessible To Public And Open to Public Reviews/Feedback

Polydome Sustainable Agriculture System by Except

The Planet

  • Privately Owned Or Patented Earth Resources Such As Land, Forests, Wildlife, Airspace, Oxygen, Bodies Of Water, Food, Oil, Minerals, Dirt, Etc Is Against Global Law
  • Nature Habitats For Animals And Their Ecosystems Are Protected By Law
  • Sacred Land And Native Land Is Determined By Public Justice And Protected By Global Law
  • Land Borders Are Formed According To:
    1. Preservation And Sustainability Of Natural Resources
    2. Sacred Land, Native Land, And Natural Animal Habitats
    3. Cultural Communities And Their Natural Resources
    4. Local Neighborhoods
    5. Private Homes and Properties {All Homes Are Privately Owned Even If Publicly Granted}


  • Non-censored Privately Owned Media Sources And Open Source Media Outlets {Accessible To All To Ensure All Voices Are Heard} Upheld By Hactivists
  • Invasion Of Personal Privacy Is Against Global Law And Upheld By Hactivists And Public Justice
  • All Journalists Are Investigative Journalists And Therefore Receive Automatic Immunity And Protection To Provide Objective Information
  • Hactivists Also Receive Automatic Immunity
  • Alternative And Independent Media Sources Replace Mainstream And Corporate-Controlled Media, Global Law Upheld By Hactivists
  • Quality Of Communication Sources Upheld By Public Voting Reviews

Homes & Communities

  • Cultures Of The Earth Have Their Own Land, Food, Language, Styles, Art & Customs; Cultures Are Protected, Valued, Visited by Others For Unique Cultural Experience And Information
  • If Desired, Free Public High Speed Transportation, Home & Hotel Modules As Well As Private Transportation, Homes And Properties Free And Accessible To Every Community
  • Members of Local Communities & Neighborhoods Vote on Dynamic Living Standards Unique to each Community/Neighborhood
  • All Science Experiments And Studies Are Accessible To Public And Open To Public Reviews
  • Social Equality Upheld Through Open Source Journalism, Online Review Voting System and Reviews By Specialized Group Organizations Similar To Rotten Tomatoes
  • Law Enforcement Upheld By Community Members


  • Free Schools with Free Room & Board Freely Open To And Accommodating All Ages & Abilities, Quality Voted On Through Online Reviews, Specializing in Skills, Not Just Academic, No Standardized Grades, Testing or Segregated Classrooms, Learning Through Computer Games & Advanced Technology, Hands-on Apprenticeships
  • Student Graduation Projects Are Practical, Global Solutions That Make Life Easier & More Pleasant For The World

Healthcare & Crime

  • Mental, Physical And Energetic Healthcare Free And Accessible To All
  • Every Planetary Member Has Personal And Accessible Naturopathic or Integrative Doctor
  • Quality Of Doctor Voted By Public through Online Reviews
  • Health Practioners Provide Free & Accessible Online Health & Fitness Information
  • Global Healing Temples and Zen Gardens Free And Accessible To Public
  • Free Global Spa Retreats Including Full Room and Boarding & Natural Therapy For Anyone, Any Time
  • Medical Chemicals, Chemical Combinations, Preservatives, Flavor Enhancers, Machine And Facility Ingredients Proven To Be Toxic To Majority Of General Public Or Environment Are Against Global Law
  • Right To Die Peacefully Meds Free And Accessible To All, Including Animals
  • Free And Accessible Birth Control, High Quality Sex Education, Absolution Of Sex Taboo/Worship, Accessible And Safe Abortion Decision Given Solely To Parent Carrying Unborn Embryo Or Fetus
  • Public Trials For Crimes Committed, Person Is Judged Rather Than The Weapon, Secure Rehabilitation Centers For Criminals Similar to Spa Retreats With Natural Therapy

Food & Food Distribution

  • Privately Owned Or Patented Food Seeds Is Against The Law
  • Free Public Access To Every Ingredient In Food Products, And Open To Public Investigation, Praise And Scrutiny
  • Food Product Chemicals, Chemical Combinations, Preservatives or Flavor Enhancers Proven To Be Toxic To Majority Of General Public Are Against The Law
  • All “Non-perishable” Foods Attainable Through Online Global Marketplace Such As Amazon
  • Public Organic Produce Gardens In Every Community, Accessible To Each Neighborhood
  • Local Organic Farms Deliver Fresh Produce To Homes, Ordered Online
  • Local Conscious, Creative Restaurants With Their Own Gardens
  • Yelp Model Public Reviews

Art, Style & Design

  • Artists Paid Through Gift Economy, Public Recognition and Creative Personal Fulfillment
  • Art, Design, Engineering Design and Web Design Not Standardized or Created For Marketing Purposes, Creative Quality Upheld By Gift Economy
  • Indie Fashion Designers, Online Malls With Departments For Diverse Designers, Tailored Fashion According To Unique Body Measurements, Healthy, Eco-conscious & Functional Fabrics
  • Free To Public Art Galleries, Open Source Online Reviews, Yelp Model
  • Free Music, Ad-free, No “Middle Man,” Grooveshark Model, Soundcloud Quality, Artist Info, Rated by Listener Votes & Comments, Top Music Public Reviewers Naturally Recognized And Have More Influence

I’m open to any ideas to make this a better list! Thank you for your contribution.


ARE YOU A STARSEED LOOKING FOR GUIDANCE IN YOUR AWAKENING PROCESS? Hi, I’m Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish. I’m an esoteric researcher, medium, and metaphysical astrologer. I work with energy consciousness and quantum gateways. I’m here to serve Starseeds who are waking up. My mission is to support, inspire, and guide those on the awakening path to discover their soul gifts and life passion.