Tarot: The Empress {How To Resolve Uncertainty}

The Empress, How To Resolve Uncertainty, intuitivefish.com

Fertility, Spirit Communication, Union Through Knowledge

Traditionally, The Empress represents fertility symbolized by Adam and Eve in the garden of paradise. And this is exactly what the card means both esoterically and exoterically – both in the macrocosm as well as the microcosm.

But what does this mean as far as details go? Just like zooming in to a point on a 3D map, we find much more going on than what initially appears.

Ultimately, The Empress is about the relationship between spirit and form. In fact, it’s the spirit coming through form by way of oscillating energy frequencies. But that isn’t always as easy, neat and orderly as we’d like to think.

Within all types of productivity, we meet with difficulties, doubts, uncertainties and plenty of ignorance. As beautiful as the experiences of life are, we can’t get too comfortable because change and vacillation will always occur.

The Empress represents the unknown becoming known, through messages (frequencies) – especially from the higher realms, such as through tarot or astrology. She’s also the portal between another world and this one, like a mother’s womb.

The Empress by The Victoria Regina Tarot, [If You Know The Name Of This Deck, Please Contact Me], jankolas at Deviant Art and Lunatic Tarot, intuitivefish.com
The Empress by The Victoria Regina Tarot, [If You Know The Name Of This Deck, Please Contact Me], jankolas at Deviant Art and Lunatic Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The Empress Shows Up In A Reading

Health: There may be health issues which affect the throat, or hands with this card. Or fertility issues. Or the body may simply be going through changes. Seek out knowledge regarding symptoms and look for instructions to remedy them. Find ways to connect with Mother Earth, such as through natural foods, supplements, grounding, or simply being nature, soaking up her riches.

Occupation: If you’re considering an occupation which involves sharing higher information or awareness with the rest of the world, especially through writing, this card is your confirmation. Otherwise, you may want to consider teaching others what you know, developing an inter-community within your occupation.

Relationships: A relationship of opposites might be in the process of fusing together, but it won’t be without doubts and difficulties. If successful, a higher love will be experienced.

Hidden Meaning: To experience harmony, health and abundance, the soul must lead the body – not the other way around.

The Empress/Nicki Minaj from: beholdthedestroyer
The Empress/Nicki Minaj from: beholdthedestroyer

Reversed: A reversed Empress might indicate stagnation, or a delay in the production or manifestation of something, likely due to change or uncertainty. Maybe you’re sacrificing your own needs and desires for another. Or maybe you’re closing yourself off to your true feelings, which creates blocks in your external reality as well. The truth will be realized and become clear likely as a result of opening yourself to some type of correspondence, including with your own self. Watch for an open window illuminating awareness or knowledge, and jump on any opportunities that shine through. You can expect a radiant manifestation to occur. What was uncertain becomes clear. What was held back is free to flow. A reversed Empress can also refer to menses, menopause, or giving birth.

Advice: Whether upright or reversed, the advice from The Empress is the same: Resolve doubts, uncertainties and indecision by looking to answers from higher realms of consciousness. Tarot and astrology are examples of possible mediums to use for anchoring or stabilizing fluctuating energies and information. Also, deep relaxation and meditation, or radical acceptance of your dark side, or shadow self. Aligning your whole being allows your higher insights to flow. Allow your intuition to guide you along your life path.

Astrological Association: Mercury, Gemini

Timing: “Major Arcanas mean that no timeframe is specified but instead the issue indicated by the card must first be resolved. Reversals should be noted, as with this system they represent obstacles that must be overcome before the event can occur.” – Barbara Moore

Yes or No: Uncertain

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