Tarot: The Empress {The Desire To Create}

The Empress, The Desire To Create, intuitivefish.com

Passion, The Desire to Create, Potential for Development 

The Empress relates to the desire to move out of your comfort zone into the unknown to experience new possibilities.

There’s a build-up of passion erupting into the energy force to expand your horizons. The Empress is so ripe there’s a rush of energy flowing in the direction of some new intention, endeavor or enterprise. She wants to blaze a new trail, or reproduce herself through a new creation.

If you’re thinking of insemination, that would be the basic meaning of The Empress. A passionate, spasmodic release of energy implants a seed in the womb of potential.

You might not have a clear sense of purpose or direction yet. You don’t have all the details. You simply have a desire to design, grow, or develop something tangible when the time is right. You’re ready to take action, make new connections, and prove your worth to the world. It’s time to venture out into more sensual ways of abundance. What’s your inner drive leading you toward? What’s your life passion?

Reversed: Indecision, irresolution, uncertainty, wavering, hesitation, apathy, disinterest, suppression, blocked emotions, creative block, action or reaction, a need to open up to your true desires or clear an energy block

The Empress by The Victoria Regina Tarot, [If You Know The Name Of This Deck, Please Contact Me], jankolas at Deviant Art and Lunatic Tarot, intuitivefish.com
The Empress by The Victoria Regina Tarot, [If You Know The Name Of This Deck, Please Contact Me], jankolas at Deviant Art and Lunatic Tarot, intuitivefish.com
Health, Wellness and Body Image: You might be full of life force energy or maybe you have an excess of energy which can be used as motivation for your physical health. There might be a need to release pressure. Channel excess energy into getting physically healthy or into developing your sexiest body image. Some tarot readers interpret The Empress as pregnancy, or it could be the desire for pregnancy, such as taking initiative to increase fertility.

Occupation and Finances: You might not know all the details or have a clear sense of direction just yet, but you’re ready to venture into the unknown to begin a new enterprise, grow your net worth, or expand your potential. Get ready to blaze a new trail or enter new territory as it concerns your occupation. It’s time to move out of the familiar, and into your life passion.

Relationships: You might have to step out of your comfort zone, but the time is ripe to put yourself out there, initiate a new relationship or take an existing relationship to a new level. If you’re inquiring about a relationship, there’s potential for new development. This card could also indicate sex desire or a desire to have a baby.

Astrological Association: Mars

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