Tarot: Queen of Swords {How To Survive}

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Superficial Beauty, Love of Money, Material Suffering or Poverty

For all intents and purposes, the Queen of Swords has a physical and sexual magnetism about her. Unfortunately, that’s about the best we can say about this woman.

She loves money and luxury to the point where they seem to control her life decisions, as well as mark her empty character. When you knock on the door of her heart, no one is home – unless you show up with expensive gifts.

The main problem with her obsession with money is the fact that she doesn’t have any – or at least not nearly as much as she would like. She might appear rich, but her life is marked by the suffering of poverty or the struggle to survive. This queen, who has likely married more than once, simply never has enough.

It’s easy to look at this queen’s faults without ever considering how she got this way. Patriarchal dominance means women aren’t easily allowed to earn their own wealth. Women learn early in life that her level of beauty equates to her level of survival – at least as far as she appeals to men, who control the positions of socioeconomic power.

Some women use their sex appeal to attract men for their money, then lavishly spend it like she’s never seen money before. Maybe she hasn’t.

If by chance you fall in love with a self-disciplined, economical or devoted Queen of Swords, these qualities are only due to the suffering she’s endured through her shattered dreams and unfulfilled material desires.

Queen of Swords by Dragon Age Inquisition Elf Tarot, Marco Nizzoli, Labyrinth Tarot and Thoth, intuitivefish.com
Queen of Swords by Dragon Age Inquisition Elf Tarot, Marco Nizzoli, Labyrinth Tarot and Thoth, intuitivefish.com

When The Queen of Swords Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: The Queen of Swords might indicate infertility in a health reading. Or there might be buried emotional pain from a past miscarriage or terminated pregnancy. Buried trauma from oppression might also play out in mental and health issues.

Occupation and Finances: An artistic or creative occupation is in the cards, but wealth may only arrive after long, diligent and persevering working hours.

Relationships: The Queen of Swords is associated with the material necessity and problems that come with being married. It might also indicate a woman who’s separated from her natural protector. Either way, suffering is likely involved, and more so for the feminine energy in the relationship.

Hidden Meaning: The creative, emotional and intuitive feminine energies within us all has been suppressed for millennia while our masculine energies assume social responsibility and control. This energetic imbalance has deeply damaged human relationships as well as naturally fulfilling occupations, and the planet. But Earth humans are currently at a turning point in their evolution as the feminine dares to rise in strength, even to her own detriment.

Queen of Swords from Shadowscapes
Queen of Swords from Shadowscapes

Reversed: A reversed Queen of Swords might indicate a hazardous risk. Something or someone in question may cause anguish, sorrow or heartbreak. At this point, there will likely be failure or defeat as it concerns an occupation or life’s hardships. Something needs to change in order to set a new outcome in motion. And it’s probably a subconscious belief in poverty consciousness.

Or there may be a warning in a reversed Queen of Swords against someone who’s cleverly deceitful, likely a woman, who might be starving for intimate relationships. But when anyone gets too close to her, she strikes with the reserved venom created by her suffering, poverty and oppression. As a result, she tends to sabotage or block achievements. She might be judgmental, overly critical and she’s got a stinging, sharp tongue. She may even be capable of dangerous cruelty, especially when she senses deception, snobbery or a lack of integrity – that’s right, the very thing she dishes out. This is only to guard her lonely, bleeding heart, of course, as well as her internalized sense of failure. But consider yourself forewarned.

Advice: Either you or someone else might be struggling to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Or the pain of suppressed potential might be wreaking havoc in your health, career or a relationship. This is especially the case if the querent is a female, as the Queen of Swords symbolizes womanhood and the moon. Of utmost importance is to acknowledge the pain and the damaged reputation this queen has suffered throughout her lifetimes. Ensure she has an outlet to courageously express her most creative, intuitive and noblest truths. When the soul is respected and free, the voice, body and physical circumstances reflect the same.

Astrological Association: Taurus

Element: Earth on the 2nd House

Timing: April 21st to May 21st

Court Cards: A resolution to an issue may depend on the actions of another

Yes or No: No

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