Tarot: Queen of Cups {How To Ensure Success}

Tarot Queen of Cups, How To Ensure Success, intuitivefish.com

Success, A Wise, Intelligent, and Prosperous Woman, Mother Earth

The Queen of Cups is one of the most favorable tarot cards to draw in a reading especially concerning your occupation or reputation.

This Queen, whether you or a feminine energy in your life, calculates her path forward and knows how to act with responsible, nurturing care to achieve it.

She’s practical, down-to-earth and she utilizes efficient minimalism, but she doesn’t suppress her intelligence, or her inner inspirations.

Instead, she uses practical wisdom to allow her soul to expand and shine in and through the physical realm, also known as the world. We’re not talking about only money-making success. We’re talking about deeply fulfilling pleasure, abundance, and thriving in both body and soul.

Whether this is you, a feminine influence or Mother Earth, you would do well to stay connected to her.

Queens of Cups by Shadowscapes, Thelema Tarot, Crystal Visions and Thoth Tarot, intuitivefish.com
Queens of Cups by Shadowscapes, Thelema Tarot, Crystal Visions and Thoth Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The Queen of Cups Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: The Queen of Cups ensures good health and emotional well-being. There might be a female authority, or perhaps your own mother, who has sensible, useful or practical health advice. You would be wise to follow her instruction.

Occupation and Finances: The energies of the Queen of Cups are in your favor for success in your occupational dreams, including motherhood. Or, there might be a female employer, executive, director or business owner.  It would be to your advantage to submit to her authority. This person is active, intelligent and deserves your full esteem. Overall, this card is about using practical wisdom to make your hopes and dreams a reality.

Relationships: If you’re enquiring about a relationship with a particular person, this card is your green light, especially if she’s a woman or mother. You can trust her to give you careful attention, and add love, goodness, or bliss to your life.

Hidden Meaning: Abundance and bliss isn’t possible unless we’re connected to and allow our feminine energy to express herself through our physical vehicle, on both an individual and collective level.

Queen of Cups from the Steampunk Tarot Series
Queen of Cups from the Steampunk Tarot Series

Reversed: Reversed, the Queen of Cups indicates that now is the right time to put yourself out there, and establish your name, position and contribution to the world. Let go of codependency, trivial emotions, or worrying about the emotional reactions of others. If you can stand by your honor, you can count on natural growth and promotion in the world. You’re ensured some amount of publicity, notoriety, acclaim, distinction, or possibly even fame, stardom or theatrical success. This card reversed could refer to success with some trouble or deception, but success nonetheless, especially by way of publicity.

Advice: If you stay focused on using your power wisely and efficiently to contribute to others, any evil influences cannot gain a foothold, and your dreams are sure to manifest. Or there might be an authoritative, benevolent female figure in your life. You would be wise to give her your full esteem and compliance. There’s nothing but pleasure, happiness, practical wisdom and success in this card.

Astrological Association: Capricorn

Element: Earth on the 10th House

Timing: December 22nd to January 20th

Court Cards: A resolution to an issue may depend on the actions of another

Yes or No: Definitely yes

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