Tarot: Page of Cups {How To Flow With Change}

Tarot Page of Cups, How To Flow With Change, intuitivefish.com

Changes or Surprises, An Emotional Message, Invitation or Proposal, An Unpredictable Relationship

You might receive a text, message or phone call from the Page of Cups. Or perhaps this person spontaneously shows up in your life.

Their message might make you feel pretty good. It might be filled with love or just plain ol’ good news. Or someone amiable might send you an invitation, or even ask you to marry them.

It might be a friendly or light-hearted message, or maybe it’s intellectually entertaining. Or all of the above. There’s no doubt you’re hooked, but you’re not sure what to do about it.

Unfortunately, this Page falls out of affection just as easily as they fall into it. But all is not lost. There might be a happy or not so happy ending. It’s not time to know that just yet.

But we do know that this message or messenger showed up in your life to help you learn how to let go of expectations and flow with unexpected changes.

Page of Cups by Gilded Tarot, Paulina Tarot, Tarot Noir and Tarot of the Hidden Realm, intuitivefish.com
Page of Cups by Gilded Tarot, Paulina Tarot, Tarot Noir and Tarot of the Hidden Realm, intuitivefish.com

When The Page of Cups Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: You might receive good news regarding your health, although an outcome is still uncertain. Or you might be inclined to study a health-related subject. Just keep in mind that any information is subject to change. This is the case with the state of your health as well. The message here is to roll with the punches, and you should be fine.

Occupation and Finances: You might receive some sort of business proposal or be offered a position of employment, if you haven’t already from someone friendly or amicable. Or perhaps you receive an invitation to a lecture or educational opportunity. It may not have lasting or substantial effects for your career, but you’ll still find something helpful here. Or your occupation might feel a little up and down for a while. Learn to embrace the changes, and flow with them.

Relationships: You could receive a friendly invitation to a fun event, or even a marriage proposal, possibly from a younger male or masculine energy, or it could involve an international relationship. Whether a friendship or romance, it likely feels pleasant, affectionate and enjoyable, but it lacks stability. So you can expect a roller coaster ride in this relationship, for better or for worse, and likely both. Letting go of expectations and maintaining your independence will help you enjoy the ride.

Hidden Meaning: When you’re in the throes of emotion, the only thing that can rescue you is higher insight. Use your intuition to discover this hidden wisdom which goes beyond the intellect.

Page of Cups from Shadowscapes
Page of Cups from Shadowscapes

Reversed: If you’re inquiring about an educational opportunity or business affair, beware of being solicited. If you’re considering a friendship, love affair or even marriage, beware of sex-influences, being seduced, or excessive or insincere praise. Someone has a tendency to dishonestly please others. Whatever the subject, there’s likely a lot of lust and desire at play. But there’s a lack of depth, commitment, permanence or reliability.

Advice: You might receive some kind of news that stirs up your emotions in some way. You might receive an invitation to a light-hearted or entertaining social gathering, such as a sporting event, a political demonstration, or some type of group that involves intellectual sport. But any emotions, news or messages, as persuasive as they might feel, are subject to changing tides. This card could also be a sign of changes in your contacts or connections. Some tarot readers interpret the Page of Cups as foretelling news of a pregnancy, or some other good augury. But the message is the same: Let go of expectations and flow with whatever the universe throws your way on a daily basis, pleasant or unpleasant; then, things will work out for the best. This is also a good opportunity to learn something new and fundamental about yourself, especially from your feelings.

Astrological Association: Libra and Aquarius

Element: Water on the 11th and 7th House

Timing: September 23rd to October 22nd – or – January 20th to February 19th

Court Cards: A resolution may be dependent on the actions of another

Yes or No: Uncertain

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