Tarot: King Of Cups {How To Bring Your Dreams Down To Earth}

Tarot King of Cups, intuitivefish.comA Personal Supporter, Advocate For Justice, Higher Aspirations

This is one beautiful “king” who is completely unlike our usual experiences with patriarchal power figures. This is an inspiring masculine energy in your life whom you can genuinely trust.

He befriends you, builds you up, encourages you, contributes to your success, endorses you, supports your cause, or perhaps he’s an advocate fighting to eliminate your oppression. Justice and karma are super important to this masculine energy.

Like all tarot kings, the King of Cups is the 14th card in the suit of cups associating it with the number 5 {1+4=5} as well as The Hierophant in the Major Arcana. This high-energy masculine form may be a teacher, philosopher, or guide whose passionate disposition inspires you to make your own dreams a reality, resulting in a personal sense of accomplishment, well-being and well-deserved luxury.

He might not give you any straight facts or absolute answers, but that’s because his role is to guide you to discover them for yourself. He does this by bringing your actions to light, showing you the reality you create for yourself by them.

He loves to travel, especially over water, or by ship whether over the sea or through space.

Sometimes he might seem a little too vivacious, but ultimately you can rest secure in his conscious integrity. 

King of Cups by Ceccoli Tarot, Fountain Tarot, Night Sun Tarot and Shadowscapes, intuitive fish.com
King of Cups by Ceccoli Tarot, Fountain Tarot, Night Sun Tarot and Shadowscapes, intuitive fish.com

When The King of Cups Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: Finding something in life that you’re passionate about, as well as people who support you. This heightens your energy frequency which allows healing on all levels, in all areas of health. If you’re enquiring about a specific physician, therapist or remedy, the King of Cups says this is someone or something you can trust for your health.

Occupation and Finances: The King of Cups may be a sign to seek assistance or some kind of support in your occupation, such as a business coach, psychic or guide – someone who can evaluate your work routine, then inspire and push you to the next level of monetary achievement. If you’re considering a career as a doctor, lawyer, professor, teacher, promoter, or an occupation that involves travel, this card is confirmation that you’re on the right track.

Relationships: If you’re wondering about the integrity of a certain person or romantic interest, you can trust their sincerity and sense of ethics. There is hope and promise of the future in the King of Cups.

Hidden Meaning: Your strongest male ally is your own masculine energy, no matter what gender you identify with. Trusting your higher aspirations, guides and those who support your soul mission to help guide you through life ensures your wellness and achievement. Genuine support comes in the form of inspired passion, self-empowerment, personal responsibility and freedom.

King of Cups by The Artist's Inner Vision Tarot
King of Cups by The Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot

Reversed: A reversed King of Cups signifies exuberance or excessiveness, or idealistic excitement. Someone is likely lost in fantasy or a dream world. Watch for inaccurate details. Weakness or cruel actions will be judged or brought to light; in other words, there will likely be a reality check. Or there could be emotional neediness linked to trauma. But there’s still plenty of hope and goodness in this card reversed. Simply stay grounded, make dreams more realistic, or boldly illuminate injustice or misinformation in order to support others. If referring to a relationship, someone might seem too idealistic, or they don’t always get their facts straight. But the King of Cups is a message that you can trust their general honesty and integrity. There’s still hope and promise for the future.

Advice: You can expect someone to stand up for you or impart justice on your behalf, such as a lawyer or someone who’s concerned about justice. The intention of this philosophical teacher, professor, or promoter is to inspire and push you closer to your wishes or ideals by evaluating your actions, objectives, or the way you do business. Or perhaps you’re called to do this for others. Integrity, good hope or monetary advances are the expected outcome. This card also refers to living large, or possibly traveling, especially by sea.

Astrological Association: Sagittarius

Element: Water on the 9th House

Timing: November 22nd to December 21st

Court Cards: A resolution may depend on someone else

Yes or No: Yes

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