Tarot: Death {How To Conquer Death}

Tarot's Death Card, How To Conquer Death, intuitivefish.com

Impermanence, Corruption, End, Giving Birth To A New Idea Or Creation

When we think of death, we commonly forget the new birth that inevitably goes along with it. Death in one realm means the beginning of life in another.

Energy consciousness cannot die. But we collectively express ourselves through ever-changing experiences formed from a defined set of parameters, also known as our thoughts, or awareness.

We assume that transformation involves a painful death of some kind. But not always. Sometimes it evokes a beautiful, smooth and welcoming transition from one state or perspective to another. In a sense, we die every night at the end of a day, only to wake up brand new in the morning.

We experience all kinds of deaths throughout our lifetimes. Death isn’t a foreign concept but a healthy, natural experience.

Some traditional meanings of Tarot’s Death card define death as fertility, or the perpetual creation of material form which is born from thought.

Could this mean that focusing on the beauty of the new makes letting go of the old equally beautiful? Or maybe there’s no such thing as actual loss – only changing experiences.

Death by Thoth Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Wildwood Tarot and Ananda Tarot, intuitivefish.com
Death by Thoth Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Wildwood Tarot and Ananda Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When Death Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: Perhaps food isn’t being digested and absorbed into your bodily system, but is instead putrefying in your gut, creating a plethora of health issues. Or a bodily organ or organisms may be corroding or breaking down. Toxins need to be flushed out in order to restore health. Fertility and motherhood could also be indicated here, as purification leads to new birth.

Occupation and Finances: It might be time to end a project in your occupation, or your career itself, in order to start something new or move in a more innovative direction.

Relationships: Does a relationship seem to be deteriorating? Change might be in the air. A new relationship may be on your horizon, but remain passive. Set your heart on the values of a soul connection that are important to you in order to manifest that physical reality, whether in an existing relationship or a new one.

Hidden Meaning: Under the illusions of scarcity, loss and death, we appear to be victims of the material realm. But in the larger reality, we create our experiences, rather than the other way around. This means we create experiences of loss, as well as prosperity. One isn’t necessarily more desirable than the other, because they work together. Everything is continuously decaying into something new.

Death tarot card by Molly Rose Purcell
Death tarot card by Molly Rose Purcell

Reversed: Reversed, Death might indicate inertia, lethargy, sleep, sleep-walking, a trance, or unconsciousness. You might need to time to rest, clear your mind and recalibrate before moving forward. Or this could be a message to explore your unconscious, shadow side to see what’s draining your energy from behind the scenes.

Advice: Death reminds you to remember your mortality, which could also mean accepting the impermanence of material form in space and time. Because form is made of energy and energy can’t die, this card might refer to the end of something with the purpose of beginning something new. Or it could mean the elimination or destruction of something, or something corrupted, or the death of time, or closure, or the completion of a circle. In very rare cases, this card could be a warning of fatality. In any case, you’re encouraged to use your power to release something old in order to create something new. For example, transmute self-abasement or shame into self-empowerment and beauty, or a whole new lifestyle.

Astrological Association: Saturn

Timing: “Major Arcanas mean that no timeframe is specified but instead the issue indicated by the card must first be resolved. Reversals should be noted, as with this system they represent obstacles that must be overcome before the event can occur.” – Barbara Moore

Yes or No: No, look for something new

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