Tarot: 9 of Swords {How To Lighten Up}

Tarot 9 of Swords, intuitivefish.com

Rigid Attitudes and Beliefs, Being Judgmental, Intolerant, Religious or Meticulous

The best thing we can say about this card is that it might indicate a priest or monk, or someone who is conscientious, or precise, meticulous, or punctual. But more likely we’re talking about extreme self-denial of material pleasures, asceticism or rigid beliefs.

Of course, if one person feels they can’t enjoy the pleasures of life, they aren’t going to be too happy with those who do. This is often when being judgmental comes into play, and we all know how it feels to be irrationally and unreasonably judged by others.

How easy it is for our mind to think we hold the truth and everyone else is wrong. This is just a self-sabotaging defense mechanism that keeps us from enjoying intimacy with others and life itself.

Sure, there’s risk involved by opening ourself up to different perspectives, people and experiences. We still need to exercise caution. But the only way to make it through life is to maintain a loose grip.

9 of Swords by Pierpont Morgan Bergamo, Illuminati Tarot, Thoth and Crystal Visions, intuitivefish.com
9 of Swords by Pierpont Morgan Bergamo, Illuminati Tarot, Thoth and Crystal Visions, intuitivefish.com

When The 9 of Swords Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: There may be a mental illness especially as it relates to being overly meticulous or taking elaborate measures to keep others from getting too close. The 9 of Swords might also indicate your body is intolerant of a certain food or chemical.

Occupation and Finances: The key to success in any occupation is to have a general business plan, then keep a soft focus on that plan and flow with whatever life unexpectedly throws at you each day. Also, make sure you’re not underselling yourself or working too hard for an insufficient return.

Relationships: Are you or your partner finding yourselves defending your unbending beliefs at all cost, or being the inquisitor? Knock that off, right this minute. While it’s unwise to open your vulnerable heart to just anyone, the opposite attitude also brings you misery, heartbreak, broken relationships and loneliness.

Hidden Meaning: Many of us lack the experience of true intimacy with others because we lack it with our own self. Perhaps we’re afraid of our true, authentic self because we’ve been rejected many times for it. Or maybe we just don’t like ourself, but we project our self-hatred onto others.

9 of Swords from 78 Tarot
9 of Swords from 78 Tarot

Reversed: The 9 of Swords reversed indicates an error in judgment or false evidence given. Or it can refer to feeling shame or timidity. You might fear a lack of aptitude to move forward into a more advanced occupation. Yet in reality, you have every right to self-belief and self-confidence. Or you might have a difficult time facing your raw, honest feelings, out of fear of what you’ll discover within. Perhaps you’d realize your standards and expectations are too high or intolerant. Or maybe you’re holding on to fear or pain you no longer need. It’s okay to let it go now, because you’ve developed your strength through it. A reversed 9 of Swords could also refer to a miscarriage.

Advice: What’s the solution when we get stuck in rigid attitudes and expectations? How do we get unstuck? By relaxing, being your authentic self and having some fun! It’s okay to let things go, and take requirements off of others and yourself that you just don’t need. How can you turn a situation around to make it more playful, light-hearted and enjoyable? How can you be more simple, flexible and genuine in your career, magic rituals or everyday life? If someone else is projecting their intolerance onto you, the solution is the same. Seek to infuse the energy of your light-hearted playfulness to all around you, then watch life reflect the same back to you.

Astrological Association: Sagittarius

Element: Earth on the 9th House

Timing: November 22nd to December 21st, or 9 weeks

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: No

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