Tarot: 8 of Cups {How To Find Your Courage}

Tarot 8 of Cups, How To Find Your Courage, intuitivefish.com

Shrinking Back In Timidity, Lost Opportunities, Dissatisfied, Leaving the Familiar

When the 8 of Cups shows up in a reading, it’s likely time to leave the familiar – which is becoming increasingly unsatisfying – and set out toward the unknown.

Things might not be all you hoped they would be at home, or within a familiar space. Sure, it’s safe. It’s comfortable. But it isn’t conducive to who you really are, and what you’re here to experience.

In fact, the safety and comfort of the familiar has likely made you timid and fearful to step out into new territory. But despondency and discontent kills the spirit, as you watch your dreams float past you.

There’s a point when we all outgrow the security of a home, family, relationship or career, or even a familiar recipe…. We need a healthy dose of adventure as well as uncertainty. That’s really the only way we can feel fulfilled in life.

So bring on the chaos and the unpredictable and erratic changes, if necessary. You’ll not only survive, but thrive.

8 of Cups by Deviant Moon Tarot, azurylipfe at Deviant Art, Crystal Visions and Shadowscapes, intuitivefish.com
8 of Cups by Deviant Moon Tarot, azurylipfe at Deviant Art, Crystal Visions and Shadowscapes, intuitivefish.com

When The 8 of Cups Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: Your usual health routine is not delivering desired results. It might be time for a change of diet, therapy or remedies. There might be a need to exercise caution. If you’re inquiring about a specific health protocol, it likely won’t help you realize your ambitions.

Occupation and Finances: Your potential or true calling might be suppressed in your current occupation. Or there might be very little chance of your career dreams becoming reality. It may be time to seek an occupation that’s more satisfying to you personally.

Relationships: It might be time to part ways with someone familiar. A much-needed separation or divorce may be in the air. The relationship just isn’t all you thought it would be. Leaving the family circle is also indicated in the 8 of Cups.

Hidden Meaning: Sometimes we need to leave the familiar in order to find our true home – the home of our soul.

8 of Cups by The Starchild Tarot
8 of Cups by The Starchild Tarot

Reversed: Something might be keeping you from striking out on your own, and fulfilling your own needs and dreams, including your emotional needs. This block could be the excuses used to keep you dependent on what is familiar, rather than moving forward into the unknown. Even though the familiar isn’t all you’d like to experience, or it doesn’t fully bring out your authentic self or your highest potential, you’re still hanging on to it, for whatever reasons. Or maybe you’ve been making exciting plans for something great in the future, but you’re not really going anywhere. Future plans tend to look more like pomp or vain display, rather than reality. By clinging to dependence or codependency, you’re losing opportunities to make your dreams a reality, or realize more ambitious projects.

Advice: You might have mixed emotions, or feel dissatisfied with someone or something. It might concern your house, home or family. Or you might feel nothing, despondent. Allow your distaste for the way things are to motivate and fuel you toward necessary change. Leaving familiar security will naturally feel chaotic. You might have to break a few rules. But it’s better than staying stuck in empty success. It’s time to let go of the familiar, and move forward with concrete action. As you move out into the unknown, you’ll need to transform timidity and insecurity into boldness. You’ll discover your strength and courage when you need it.

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” – Rumi

Astrological Association: Cancer

Element: Water on the 4th House

Timing: June 22nd to July 22nd, or 8 months

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: Yes, if it means leaving the familiar

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