Tarot: 6 of Cups {How To Enjoy A Simple Life}

Tarot 6 of Cups, intuitivefish.com

Appreciation For Art, Beauty and Above All, Nature; Living A Simple, Country Life; Memories of the Past or Future

It’s time to get back to the childlike joy of the simple life – enjoying fine, natural pleasures.

In order to experience the beauty of life, connect with your own beauty and bliss. Fortunately, we all possess inner bliss, but we’re not always consciously connected to it.

When you accept your inner riches of creativity and sensuality, your external reality begins to reflect the same.

The 6 of Cups is all about enjoying nature, rustic pleasures and natural luxury in the form of art, music, film, good food and good company. A visit to an elegant cafe, wine bar and the art gallery might be in order. Or maybe you’re being called to live in a cabin in the woods with a claw-foot bathtub and wood-burning stove….

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that enjoying life and nature is what we’re here for, especially when we’re surrounded by cement buildings, factories, artificial food and people, and the challenges they present.

Haunting memories or mere fantasies can also rob of us our inner well-being. Instead of longing for something of the past or in the future, you can be present wherever you find yourself, noticing the simple beauty and ease of life therein. Presence is the code for eternal bliss.

6 of Cups by Phantomwise Tarot, Dali Universal Tarot, Stella's Tarot and Thoth Tarot, intuitivefish.com
6 of Cups by Phantomwise Tarot, Dali Universal Tarot, Stella’s Tarot and Thoth Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The 6 of Cups Shows Up In A Reading

Health: This card is a sign for good health and beauty, which you’re likely enjoying through natural health protocols. Simply being in nature restores your vitality. Continue along this path.

Occupation: Have you considered doing something with your natural eye for art? Or perhaps you’re a foodie or wine connoisseur. Maybe you’d like to create a resource that highlights or draws the spotlight onto unknown music or film artists. If so, this card is the sign you’ve been waiting for to move forward in this occupational field. You might have to take a pay cut and live a simpler life, but it will be worth it.

Relationships: The 6 of Cups is a reminder to enjoy the relationship you have rather than long for one you don’t have. Think of ways you can enjoy life together more simply and fully.

Hidden Meaning: Believing that wealth and happiness are attained from a source outside of ourself is a persistent illusion. But in reality, our enjoyment of life depends on our internal beliefs and viewpoints.

6 of Cups by Shadowscapes
6 of Cups by Shadowscapes

Reversed: A reversed 6 of Cups might be a sign of overindulgence, binging, addiction or excess. There might be a need for restoration of something lost, removed or injured, such as an organism of organs and tissues. Also, renovation. Focus on renewal to a better condition. This card reversed also speaks of something that occurs afterwards or subsequently. For example, after removing excess, you’ll be able to enjoy and feel fulfilled with the simple pleasures of life.

Advice: The 6 of Cups is a reminder to enjoy nature and the simple pleasures of life by living in the present moment with refined minimalism. Refuse to live in the past. Don’t fall for fantasies of the future. Live now, for everything occurs in the now. The more you make enjoying life a priority, the more it becomes your reality. And you won’t need much to feel fulfilled.

Astrological Association: Taurus

Element: Water on the 2nd House

Timing: April 20th to May 21st, or 6 months

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: Yes

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