Tarot: 5 of Swords {How To Survive A Crisis}

Tarot 5 of Swords, How To Survive A Crisis, intuitivefish.com

Loss, A Crisis, Inner Bitterness

Life isn’t easy when the 5 of Swords appears. It indicates a calamity or crisis. This situation does not feel good, to say the least.

Maybe you’ve been humiliated. Maybe you’re dealing with the threat of loss, an illness or a business failure. Or maybe you’re in the throes of depression. Or all of the above.

There’s no use trying to alleviate the pain or awkwardness with platitudes or positive thinking. It would be a waste of power to resist, ignore or deny the situation. Things are what they are. And this is a critical moment.

But this is not a card of total defeat. There is hope of victory.

To manifest better things, you need to use your inner forces for self-empowerment rather than dysfunction. Shift self-deprecating thoughts into beliefs of self-respect. Transform fear or sorrow into efficacious action. Instead of wallowing or getting stuck in bitterness, believe in your power to create beauty from ashes.

5 of Swords by Old English Tarot, Lumina Tarot, Mystic Faerie Tarot and Erotic Tarot, intuitivefish.com
5 of Swords by Old English Tarot, Lumina Tarot, Mystic Faerie Tarot and Erotic Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The 5 of Swords Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: You might be dealing with physical, mental or emotional pain, depression or some type of affliction. Impotence is another possibility. It’s time to conquer your vice, illness or disorder, but it will require self-discipline.

Occupation and Finances: Cynicism, antagonism or a lack of self-confidence might lead to a setback or loss of fortune in your enterprise. Expanding or developing your occupation is not advised – at least not at this time.

Relationships: Someone might be suffering from a sense of humiliation. Or there may be a conflict with children in which respectful discipline {education or training} is needed.

Hidden Meaning: Loss, pain and conflict are universal motivators to make different decisions or to change course. In this sense, there is no true evil, only learning experiences and evolution in consciousness.

5 of Swords by Shadowscapes
5 of Swords by Shadowscapes

Reversed: The 5 of Swords reversed indicates the same as upright: loss and sorrow. There may be mourning, or a funeral or burial. Most often it indicates loss of a friendship or relationship, or the aftermath of being wronged by another. Maybe someone projected their vice or inner bitterness or sense of powerlessness onto you. Whether spoken or unspoken, the other party likely feels regret or remorse for their awkwardness or arguments against you. While you may be wounded or you may have suffered a damaged reputation, your victory is found in walking away from their abusive or manipulative energies.

Advice: You might have internalized self-defeating beliefs. This creates a sense of powerlessness which reflects somehow in your reality to show you that these beliefs exist. There’s a dire need for self-respect and self-empowerment. But this unfavorable card also carries a promise of goodness with it: You can use some type of loss or hardship to build your self-confidence. Channel the energy force of your pain or loss into getting healthy or some type of self-discipline, allowing you to feel confident and thereby turning your crisis into something beneficial and useful. Be the master of your own field. In casual terms, it’s time to kick ass.

Astrological Association: Leo

Element: Earth on the 5th House

Timing: July 23rd to August 22nd

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: No

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