Tarot: 4 of Swords {How To Be In Solitude}

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An Ending, Solitude or Cave Time, Meditation

When people think of Death in the tarot, we tend to picture physical death. But deeper analysis shows Death is actually fertility and rebirth.

The 4 of Swords however, gets closer to the idea of death. In fact, it’s associated with being in the grave.

Whether literal or figurative, the state of being in the grave, or buried under the Earth is, in fact, the ultimate level of peace, tranquility and calm.

It’s the state we seek through meditation. We allow ourself to let go of all that is material, because we can’t hold onto anything impermanent in the first place.

In moments of death, we awaken to what’s really important – the permanent and eternal.

Death is an impermanent illusion intended to awaken us to the real reality. It’s not as tragic and foreboding as we’ve been programmed to believe. In fact, it can feel quite cathartic to release attachments, identities and material matters that weigh us down so heavily. But the 4 of Swords isn’t the release. It’s the weight of suffering and misery.

The 4 of Swords is the feeling of being buried under distress, to the point of total solitude and cessation of life activity.

Another term for the 4 of Swords could be “cave time.”

4 of Swords by The Sage Tarot, Paulina Tarot, Silver Era Tarot by Aunia Kahn and Mystic Dreamer Tarot, intuitivefish.com
4 of Swords by The Sage Tarot, Paulina Tarot, Silver Era Tarot by Aunia Kahn and Mystic Dreamer Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The 4 of Swords Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: Daily meditation or deep relaxation isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity in your case. Use your meditation practice to let go of all that overwhelms you and rest in whatever remains, which is your true self. If you’re inquiring about a certain health practitioner, protocol or remedy, the answer is ‘no.’

Occupation and Finances: Upright, the 4 of Swords indicates retirement or some type of demise concerning your occupation. Or someone may take their proposal back.

Relationships: Do you feel ostracized or exiled? It might be time to let someone go. It’s time to compose yourself and finally stand on your own beautiful feet. After you release this attachment either mentally or literally, you’ll find yourself enjoying a state of quietude and tranquility.

Hidden Meaning: There comes a point in our existence, usually when material life becomes overwhelming, where we stop everything, surrender to fate, and we’re left only with what we have learned, or earned. This is the real reality. Everything else is illusion or a distraction. We can also access this state in between breaths during meditation.

4 of Swords by Fountain Tarot
4 of Swords by The Fountain Tarot

Reversed: A reversed 4 of Swords refers to taking precautions to spend your energy, money and resources concisely and efficiently on people and things that give you the greatest return. It’s time to take inventory, get your affairs in order, and manage your earnings wisely. You may not be getting enough sleep. Embrace refined minimalism, or the slow and simple life. Prosperity or success is assured when the 4 of Swords is reversed, as long as you take precautions, and regulate your expenditures, and how much energy you give to others. It can also refer to extreme greed.

Advice: Is life caving in on you? As if you have no choices, and no way out? Resistance only creates more anxiety and constriction. Instead, relax into the reality of what is, as if you’re buried in the richness of the earth and you can’t do anything anyway. Allow things to be, appreciating it all for what it is. The 4 of Swords is also about reaping what you’ve sown. During quiet stillness, old energetic imprints come to the surface to be released. Then you can see clearly the next step to take, if any. It might involve putting an end to something, or taking a retreat to a remote location. Make this deeply relaxed state your modus operandi. Here’s a 4 of Swords meditation chant:

“There is no where to go.”

“There is nothing to do.”

“There is nothing to attain.”

Astrological Association: Cancer

Element: Earth on the 4th House

Timing: June 22nd to July 22nd, or 4 years

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: No


If you feel trapped it is through your mind.
If you feel free it is through your mind.
Don’t give it to your mind to assess how good the day has been.
Just be present.
Be like space—it never gets old, it has no mood.
Be like a clear mirror—it has no opinions or preferences.
It doesn’t say, ‘I like to reflect flowers, but not beards.’
Whatever shows up, it reflects perfectly.
So don’t give up. By following these simple guidances
your mind is going to become light, open and clear. Why?
Because it is natural for it to be like this.
Only bad education, bad culture, bad habits distort
your perception and recognition of the Real.
Just be very open and present
and accept that every day is your best day,
every moment is your moment.

Are you open for this?


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