Summer Solstice: It’s Time To Take Back Your Power And Shine

Past traumas and long-forgotten embarrassing moments were flooding my memory. I felt an impulse to detox from these buried memories, as well as minimize the amount of things in my life.

After mentally freeing myself from past experiences of yuckiness, I cleaned out my wardrobe, my work projects, the files and folders on my hard drive, my music playlists, my social media follows…. Ahhh, now I had more space to focus on my life passions.

Why was I feeling such a fiery frenzy to clean house and commit more fully to my life mission? Oh yeah… it’s Summer Solstice time in the Northern Hemisphere, also known as Midsummer and Litha. 

Summer Solstice Altar,

How To Release The Past

The energy of the Summer Solstice ~ like The Sun tarot card and your Solar Plexus chakra ~ is all about embracing your personal power, which also means letting go of victimhood.

As I faced the personal horribleness of my past, I remembered I was just a child {even as an adult} trying to survive in a scary world. I did the best I could.

Over the years, I finally learned a vital lesson: When I don’t stay true to myself, I get pulled into responsibilities, relationships and jobs I don’t want to be in.

I envisioned myself going back to these past situations and declining pressure and obligation from those assuming authority over me. Those experiences weren’t me. And they never will be. Goodbye. My past is changed forever with one simple projected thought across the universe of no time.

*Me Rolling My Eyes*

I encountered something else during the Summer Solstice this year. June is commonly a month of birthdays, weddings, student graduations and other traditions and ceremonies in the West.

Those who know me know how much I abhor these commercialized occasions that so often pressure struggling humans to spend boatloads of money on empty gifts, consume toxic food, as well as spend excess energy on outward appearances, formalities and forced conversations.

I didn’t want to be a part of these events. I wanted to be dancing around a balefire during a Midsummer rite!

Wait, What’s Happening?

While I was sitting through my daughter’s 8th grade graduation and fighting back the yawns, something in the principal’s speech caught my attention. What? He was telling the students to be kind to each other on the internet? He’s apologizing for mistakes he’s made?

Then he told a personal story of his own evolutionary life path…. He looked as if he might cry at one point. I began to see the beauty of his soul shining subtly from the awkwardness of a mundane speech.

As the middle school students walked through the line to receive their diplomas, I caught glimpses of their souls every now and then too. Could it be that their cosmic lightbodies of creativity, authenticity and self-empowerment were coming through the cracks of stifled institutionalism?

When we awaken to our own Soul, we begin to notice the Souls of others. And they’re beautiful, as well as diverse.

Cosmic Awakening

Soul awakening is another trait of the Summer Solstice gateway of lightwaves which flood the planet during the longest day of the year. In this Age of Light, the entire Earth {and consequently the universe} is doubly awakening to higher dimensions of consciousness.

This means it’s becoming much easier to express our personal power in any situation we find ourself.

We’re told these solar energies and cosmic downloads aren’t going to die down any time soon; in fact, they’re only going to increase. We’ve been suppressed long enough under the rule of royal families, monopolized profiteering and heartless religions.

It’s time to harmonize our inner masculine and feminine energies of badass power and emotional creativity, stand up for our personal values, become a higher version of ourself, and live the life we’re here for.

The Sun From The Wild Unknown Tarot,
The Sun From The Wild Unknown Tarot,

Ideas To Celebrate Summer Solstice

Watch the sunrise while committing to your personal life path

Create a Summer Solstice altar, sun mandala or crystal grid with dandelions, sunflowers, candles, citrine crystals or anything that lifts your spirit

Make a list of everything you’d like to let go, then burn the list

As a symbol of cleansing, burn a smudge stick made with one of the 9 solstice herbs: Ruta, Verbena, Mistletoe, Lavender, Thyme, Fennel, Plantain, Artemisia and St. John

Listen to music that ignites your soul

Indulge! Open a bottle of your best wine, make a delicious brunch, lounge outdoors in the sun, have sex {with yourself or a sacred partner}… as a symbol of deserving all of your favorite things

Make a nature crown with flowers {guys too!} and dance like the faeries

Here’s a song to enjoy as you let go of old energies and occupations that make you feel less than, and walk away from relationships that feel threatened by your evolving magnificence. Happy Summer Solstice!


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