Would You Like A Tarot Reading?


Feeling stuck?

Is life beating you up?

Need to make a crucial decision? 

Just want to make sure you’re on the right track? 

Tarot can answer any inquiry you might have, whether it pertains to your occupation, a relationship, your mental or physical health, money issues, business decisions, an overall life assessment, or anything at all.

How It Works

  • In a tarot reading, I use the cards to connect with your spirit guides, then relay their message to you in gentle but straightforward terms.
  • Your guides care about every detail in your life. Their intention is to help you be your most authentic self and achieve your highest potential for this lifetime.
  • Communicating with your guides gives you profound life advantages.
  • Get support, clarity, practical guidance, and confident, inspired motivation to move forward.
  • See Tarot FAQ’s for more information about tarot and how it works.
  • See Questions For Tarot Readings for optional sample questions you can ask the cards.
“You showed a professional way and were very clear in the way you communicated the information. The answers cleared up many things for me. Very spot on!!!” – Joseph Ortiz

About Me

Yours Truly
Yours Truly

When I first learned tarot in 2012, I was shown evidence that it was my field of expertise in at least one past life. The passion and art of tarot also came naturally for me.

But I was confused with contradictory advice from modern day card meanings. So I studied each card meticulously in depth by researching its traditional and esoteric origins, then I rewrote the tarot system accordingly in modern language. This took me over 3 years.

I fine-tuned card meanings by doing readings for myself and others, seeking the greatest possible accuracy. While I’m satisfied with my general foundation, my understanding of tarot continues to evolve.

I use my cards every day and I keep several decks close to me at all times, to use for myself and others. I trust the cards explicitly, although there’s always room for error in the interpretation of a message. Still, without tarot, I would have taken some very wrong turns in life, and I wouldn’t be living my passion today.

Tarot has helped me personally to:

  • heal past trauma
  • clear unconscious blocks holding me back in life
  • figure out a food and health routine customized for me
  • discover my life passion and my soul mission
  • give me guidance for specific relationships
  • understand other dimensions and the larger reality
  • make countless life decisions

Then I began to study astrology and numerology. This took my tarot reading skills to a whole new level. I love reading for others and watching the cards provide clarity and even change people’s lives. I’d love to read for you too.

A Few Details

  • Tarot Readings by Intuitive Fish, intuitivefish.comYou may or may not provide any personal details or an inquiry before your reading.
  • You have the option to provide your birth information so I can use your astrology birth chart and numerology chart for more personalized guidance.
  • Your tarot reading will be sent to you via email.
  • All tarot readings are kept strictly confidential on my part.
  • By purchasing a tarot reading, you have read and agreed to my Privacy Policy, Code of Ethics, Refund Policy and Disclaimer.
  • After I receive your payment, I’ll send you an email within 24 hours with a questionnaire asking if there’s a specific life area or situation you’d like to focus on.
  • After I hear back from you, you can expect to receive your reading within:

    1 – 3 days

“… She communicates not only clearly, timely and professional but also with love, kindness & affection. I would tell her my deepest darkest secret and feel so loved and accepted. Every time Elizabeth has provided me with so many ideas and what’s cool is the ideas also go along with my therapy sessions! So it feels confirming.” – Heather Magee 
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General tarot readings are:


Tarot Readings by Intuitive Fish, intuitivefish.comA tarot reading includes:

  • An introductory email and questionnaire
  • Optional tarot questions customized specifically for you or your situation
  • A full length reading sent to your email which includes:
    • Your tarot spread
    • Card images and their meanings
    • A personal interpretation of each card and reading as a whole
    • Practical suggestions and holistic ideas for you to consider in light of your reading
  • A follow up questionnaire if you have any questions, and to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your reading
“The reading was accurate and also very intuitive. It was almost as though you had taken a look into my innermost thoughts and feelings and allowed the understanding and insight from that to guide you as you read the cards. As I read each piece, I kept thinking, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’” – Mary-Claire Bryant

Note: If you’re purchasing a reading as a gift, let me know the recipient’s email address so I can contact them. Thank you.