All About Intuitive Fish

Would you like to get unstuck from a mundane life and be your most authentic self?

High magic – in other words, working with consciousness –  is a way to do that.

Some people think of magic as dark and evil – something we shouldn’t be messing around with. Others associate it with a clueless new age spirituality. But to me, magic is a very natural way of working on an energetic level to better our lives and the world.

Magic is practical and effective. It can help us get jobs, overcome relationship issues and navigate daily life. It’s for everyday people around the world.

More importantly, high magic empowered me to accept and embrace my true self instead of fighting against my inner core. We connect with our true self by learning to trust our intuition. I want to help you embrace the real you because I want to live in a world with more authentic people.

Be An Original Be Yourself

A little story:

One day as I was running errands in a suburban part of town, I noticed a uniquely stylish woman driving a refurbished convertible Cadillac cruising through the neighborhood while unashamedly sharing her music for all to hear…. Inwardly I was cheering her on while thanking her for sparing me from the painfully monotonous scenery around me for a few minutes.

If there’s anything that’s going to save the world, I think it’s authentic people with a life, people with a personality.

I want to live in a world where more people are living their most fashionable, artistic, unashamedly expressive life, fulfilling the niche only each one of us can fill… staying true to our personal desires even in a world that pressures us to do otherwise. And that’s my hands down, no holds barred mission.

So who am I?

Moi, intuitivefish.comAfter religiously attending an Evangelical Christian church, going to college, getting married and raising a family in the suburbs, I became depressed and chronically ill. I was trying to fit into a conventional mold in order to be accepted by society. But I was disconnected from my soul on a conscious level.

After a lot of inner work, the fog began to clear. It started with a daily meditation practice, then came the unexpected life-altering, soul-awakening experiences. Maybe I’ll write a book about that someday.

Over the course of a few years with the help of meditation and magic, I was able to simply embrace my personal power.

Now I’m an independent, quirky, healthy vegan mama and magic-loving intuitive who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest mountains.

So that’s my thing – becoming more myself and guiding others to their own life that is thoroughly worth living. Maybe that’s not your thing but

some of us are ready to burst out of our cages of tedious relationships and colorless careers.

We’re ready to drive through life with style, wear something creative, do the thing we want, and inspire the rest of the world to wake up too. Feel free to come along for the ride!

Did this spark some of your own thoughts or any questions? I would absolutely love to connect with you. You can contact me here.




I’m here to guide people to their truest self, and contribute to a world of humans doing what they love.