Me, A Witch? Really?

Witches, witchery and witchcraft was in my mind either a dangerous idea, a superstitious hoax or a fascinating taboo. It’s interesting how our soul awakenings can take so many unexpected pathways. But I guess that’s part of the adventure.

Now I can humbly and happily admit that I misunderstood what witchery is all about. This occurred after I finally admitted that I had no idea what it even is.

Me, A Witch?

So What Is It?

According to my witch guide and mentor, Stella Seaspirit, being a witch is a living philosophy, a lifestyle. Witches, says Stella Seaspirit, “are well-adjusted, rational, intelligent adults who are dedicated to introspection, poise and mindfulness and use their personal power to contribute to the Greater Whole.”

Being a witch doesn’t necessarily mean following a religion. Although crafting is sometimes connected with Wicca, it isn’t automatically so. Witching is about connecting on an energetic level with nature and the cosmos. To me it’s about channeling the energy of that connection into a specific direction in order to make significant life changes. It’s a way to create the life I want.

Ultimately, all witchcraft really is is energy work.


Some of us are Starseeds. This means that we learned the magical arts in a past life and we’re waking up to it in this lifetime, seeking to master our skills all over again. We might sense a slight attraction toward witchery and that’s how it often begins.

A couple of years ago, I encountered a self-proclaimed witch. I noticed that she had a deeper awareness than most people. She also possessed a bravery to say things that most of us are too timid to share. She didn’t care if others misconstrued her words, but she also had confidence and tact in stating those naked, honest truths that most of us have a difficult time admitting.

I adored the fact that she was a witch, but I never would’ve imagined at that time that witchery might be for me as well. Nah… it’s great for other people. But for me? Not my thing.

Witches and witchery continued showing up in my life however before it finally became an irresistible path. I also soon discovered my natural inclination toward the magical arts. Learning to use tarot, crystals and altar rituals to manifest my hopes and dreams into reality made sense to me. And I was able to learn them relatively easily.

This awakening to my inner witch required that I let go of what other people might think, whether those opinions come out through criticism, misunderstanding or worshipful praise.

The art of witchery answers so many of my unanswered questions. It empowers me to create more of a personally meaningful life. As I turn my focus toward this inner knowing, letting go of my fear of others’ opinions becomes a natural process. Yet the fears are still there sometimes on the sidelines.

What Is My New Story?

At the beginning of an 8 week intensive witch course, Stella Seaspirit asked those of us in the group to craft our new story as a witch. What does living in the world as a witch look like to us? What does living magically mean exactly?

While I had some vague hopes, I really had no idea. I knew that I wanted to live more fully from what I know and feel are true from within. But what does that story look like in the real world? I sensed internalized self-doubts and fears beginning to surface.

A week later, I’m still unsure of that story. But I trust that it will unfold from my core as I seek to honor and focus on the desires of my higher self. When my story starts to become clear, I commit to following those inspirations and making them a reality.


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