How To Wake Up To Your Inner Bliss


Awakening to the fifth dimension, also known as our inner bliss – which all humans are currently in the process of doing – is nothing like I thought it would be.

And the enlightenment teachers even said that. They said they can’t tell us what it is, or what it’s like. They can’t even remotely describe it. All they can do is point the way.

Waking up is much more blissful and powerful and amazing than I expected. I mean, people said that too. But, still. I had no idea. Anyway, that is neither here nor there. What I want to talk about is how to wake up for those who are interested.

The process is much different than I imagined too. And it will be different for you, because it’s an individual, experiential thing. That’s why there’s no formula. But here’s what I wish I would’ve known.


It’s Not About Losing Yourself

Waking up is about letting go, but what do we let go of exactly? I thought I had to let go of myself. I had to serve others, be nice and positive all the time, and sacrifice myself in unconditional love for everyone. To be honest, enlightenment didn’t sound all that great. But thankfully…

Awakening is the exact opposite of that. It’s about letting go of moral rules, religious standards and all notions of good and evil, love and hate, right and wrong. Why? Because these mental constructs block us from our raw, honest, bare-our-soul-wide-open…. self.

How To Be Yourself In A World That Wants You To Be Something Else

Some of us just need to break. We’ve been trying to do the right thing for so long. We’ve been trying to love people, be there for our family, serve our kids, do what our partner wants…. Because that’s how we deserve happiness, right?

But if we could be honest with ourself for a moment, we might admit that we’re not totally happy. Maybe we’re lonely, or we feel like no one really sees or hears us, we feel unloved for who we are, forgotten, looked down upon, under pressure, or maybe we’re afraid of death or losing a loved one… or the worst fear of all, that we’ll never be genuinely happy.

When we finally admit how we really feel about people, life, the world, ourself… when we admit things are not going the way we want them to… when we’re afraid to dream anymore… when we break down and cry in anguish from the depth of our soul… that is when we start waking up.


It’s Time To Start Digging In The Deep End

Awakening isn’t about being strong. It’s about falling apart. It’s about being brutally honest with ourself about all the fears, confusion and disappointments we feel without trying to escape them with feel-good addictions, fluffy inspirational sayings, new programs, new jobs, new relationships or by just trying harder…. We need to let all of that go, and feel our pain.

It takes a tremendous amount of bravery to accept our honest emotions that we bury just to survive. But that release is what unburdens our energy system. With every emotional breakdown, our frequency becomes lighter and higher.

When we see how much our emotions liberate us from the heaviness we carry… we constantly want to check in with ourself to see how we feel, whether we feel broken, exhausted, nothing, rage or on top of the world.

We learn to accept all of our emotions, not only some of them, with wide open arms. They might take us for a scary, wild ride. But this is far better than pretending we’re happy, content or okay. The fake life will only make us feel worse.

This is why our soul wants to wake up. If we could just get out of the way and stop resisting what we honestly, truly, want. But for that, we need to connect with our emotions, which lead to our deeper desires hiding underneath them. They’re hiding because there’s a lot more at stake when it comes to the passions of our real, raw self.

You Are Not The Same As Everyone Else

If we’re quiet and still for a few moments, we can hear our inner self whisper. And we’ll notice that our soul has some very different ideas about what’s “right” than what most people think. Also, our soul desires might not be the usual more money, more friends, more vacations….

If we could trust our soul passions, they lead us not only to ourself, but through all kinds of creative, innovative, adventurous and fulfilling life paths. These are paths that can only be spontaneously forged by our distinct personality, perspectives, skills, likes and dislikes.

When we do exactly what we’re inspired to do each moment, that’s our bliss. Our bliss won’t lead us toward poverty, nor to a job of drudgery. When we’re connected with that inner energy source, those kinds of limiting beliefs go flying out the window. Following our soul inspirations takes some serious guts. But is there any other way to live? Isn’t everything else just another fake life?

You Live In A Holographic Matrix

There are some amazing things on our planet. But we also live in a massive zombie factory. We can’t awaken to our inner bliss as long as we’re stuck in the normal half-life. What we want and don’t want will be different for each of us, but I can tell you that our current civilization is designed to turn us against ourself, as well as each other.

It’s not only religion that makes us think self-love is wrong and selfish. It’s also the way we’re educated, the way we do business, the way our media is set up, the way we work, the way we drive, the way we interact, our very lifestyles….

The energy streams of consciousness in mainstream society are intended to make us feel invisible and undeserving unless we work extra hard all our life at a job we don’t totally love just to buy things we don’t need and use people to alleviate our misery. We trade in our personal power, our freedom and our life… for a paycheck.

When you’re out in public, do you feel like you’re not rich enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, funny enough, famous, young, stylish, or successful enough? That’s a deliberate social structure intended to feed off our fear and self-hate. This is how our mind can be controlled.

Are You Brave Enough To Trust Yourself?

When we wake up, we begin to notice how everyday conversations are overloaded with racist, classist, misogynist, objectifying, subtly degrading, repetitive… emptiness. And it isn’t intentional. This way of relating to each other is so normalized that no one has any idea what we’re even doing and saying, until we start to wake up. And then it’s horrifying.

Waking up means letting that life go. Yeah, we lose a lot of friends and family and even loved ones by abandoning the normal life. But we gain our true self, our dignity, our values… and our bliss. As well as new or transformed relationships.

We Gain Much More Than We Lose

Standing our ground on what we know is real love, what we know is a fulfilling job, what we know is a functional society, what real family is… this is also part of waking up. But we’re not just letting the false stuff go. We’re gaining so much more along the way. We’re making space for what we know we want, creating the life we want, which is priceless. But to others, it looks like we’re losing everything.

Just Say No

Waking up is a constant checking in with our inner knowing. Does this situation feel right? Does this person make me feel good about myself? Does this project bring out the best in me and others? Does this advice from a famous guru sit right with me?

The awakening process works together with the art of walking away. Constantly. Every time. If we don’t want to be there, we leave. If we don’t want to do that one thing, we decline the invitation. If we don’t like the food, we stop eating it. If we don’t like the movie, we walk out of the theater….

Letting Go Of What Other People Think

And we don’t care in the slightest what anyone thinks. Not even ourself. We might not even know why we don’t like something. But we learn to trust our vibes. Our soul knows what is conducive to our true self, even when our mind does not.

As we learn to say no, we create space for ourself. This space gives us a sense of freedom. Once we start tasting some of that, we don’t want to go back. We don’t care if we have to travel alone for the rest of our existence. No relationship is worth the sacrifice of our soul. That’s where we find our bliss. It’s within, not in other people.

Our Senses Come Alive

Back to our emotions. Being honest with how we really feel causes life to come alive. Being awake means being aware, alive. We notice things. We’re fully engaged in the details of life – even the heartbreaks.

All of that emotional pain of the past makes the sunset turn into the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen. We begin to fall in love with all of those things and people that only we can love and appreciate in our own unique ways and moments.

Feeling our emotions and saying ‘no’ also creates space for our mind to expand. We’re open to new ideas, new possibilities, innovations that break current boundaries of physics…. We break free from the constructs of social obligations, scarcity and competition….

We soon realize that we’re boundless and intelligent energy beings. Our very own self expands throughout the entire universe. And we have access to any resource we want because thought determines reality. Our soul expands far beyond our tiny finite mind, even though our mind is a powerful tool.

Freedom = Bliss

When we’re free and empowered to live the life we want, we find our bliss. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Life becomes an art canvas and we can do anything we want with it. We are the art itself, in fact.

Enlightenment isn’t about sacrificing ourself. It’s about being ourself. The more we do that, the more bliss we feel. The more bliss we feel, the more we naturally love people and life itself. Because we’re not miserable anymore. Even in a world of zombies.

But our love won’t give in to the demands of others because our expression of love is unique to each of us and each situation. We ourselves can’t even say how our love is going to show up. Love can’t be constricted like that. We’re overflowing with passion but it shows up when it wants, how it wants. People who vibe the same frequency are drawn to our love, because it’s real, and so are we.

To Sum It Up

Waking up to our inner bliss is about finding ourself and bravely being ourself. We do this by letting go of all that doesn’t resonate with our soul, every moment of every day. Our soul guides us by our emotions. Our emotions tell us what we want and don’t want in our life.

Everything that doesn’t absolutely fulfill us in a deep and lasting way needs to go bye-bye, even if this results in some inconvenience. Saying ‘no’ and walking away creates space to discover our honest self, and therefore our inner bliss. Our bliss is our self. And we are artists… of free, infinite possibility.

ARE YOU A STARSEED LOOKING FOR GUIDANCE IN YOUR AWAKENING PROCESS? Hi, I’m Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish. I’m an esoteric researcher, medium, and metaphysical astrologer. I work with energy consciousness and quantum gateways. I’m here to serve Starseeds who are waking up. My mission is to support, inspire, and guide those on the awakening path to discover their soul gifts and life passion.