How To Interpret Your Dreams And 50 Common Dream Symbols


“Dreams are more real than reality itself, they’re closer to the self.” Gao Xingjian

If you want to know what you really think, how you really feel, and what’s really going on, look at your night dreams.

Next to astrology, numerology and tarot, writing down my dreams has done more for my self-discovery than any other system of analysis, including psychology.

Image from Kat Impossible
Image from Kat Impossible

The Real You

Night dreams reveal your hidden beliefs and shadow desires which are the forces that create your reality in your waking life. So it’s really helpful to know what’s happening there.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

Dream work is crucial if you’re doing inner work or shadow integration.

When you sleep, you have direct access to your intuition without the conditioned mind and its illusions of limitations getting in the way. This is how your dreams get you closer to the real you, and the real reality.

Dreams can also contain messages from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

The Language Of Dreams

Image from Three Rivers Deep
Image from Three Rivers Deep

The thing about dreams is that they they’re not always what they appear. Dreams speak in symbols because our subconscious understands and communicates with symbols.

For example, seeing water in a dream represents emotions. If you dream you’re drowning in water, you might subconsciously feel overwhelmed by emotions.

Maybe there’s a house in your dream. A house is a symbol for your psyche or your self. Different rooms in a house represent different life areas.

If you dream you’re being chased by a scary, giant, shirtless man with a knife {I had this dream the other night}, you might feel overpowered by patriarchy or afraid of being hurt by a male influence.

Your Dreams Reveal You

“Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.” Marsha Norman

Other people in our dreams often represent a subconscious aspect of our own self. What does that person represent to you?

While dream symbols are universal in the collective unconscious, we each have unique ideas about them.

Some people view dirt as something to avoid or get away from. Others view dirt as grounding, healthy and rich with minerals. Honoring and validating your personal viewpoint makes it much easier to understand your dream.

The Easiest Way To Interpret A Dream

Artist: Amy Ballinger
Artist: Amy Ballinger

“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” Khalil Gibran

The easiest way to interpret a dream is to notice how it makes you feel. If you feel scared, your dream is showing you a hidden fear. Your dreams can also unveil a secret desire, or what you’re afraid to admit you want.

If you feel happy or if you’re flying in a dream, this lets you know your energy is healthy or your emotions are free to flow.

Or a dream can reveal buried trauma, anxiety, despair, or grief… that you’re trying to ignore in your waking life. If it stays buried, it can create even more issues.

How To Remember Your Dreams

To remember your dreams, confidently ask your Spirit Guides for help before you fall asleep. Since they’re interested in your well-being and your evolution they’ll be happy to oblige.

You can also work with crystals for lucid dreaming or dream recall such as amethyst, azurite, scolecite, malachite, moldavite, or a herkimer diamond. Be sure to do your research and take any safety precautions.

To program your crystal, hold it in the palm of your hand, then set a clear intention to remember your dreams. Breathe on it for a minute to activate it, then place it next to your pillow or your bed. Some crystals can keep you awake at night; if so, meditate with it during the day instead.

You can also let the universe know you’re serious about doing dream work by being prepared to write down your dreams. Stay committed until it becomes natural to remember your dreams.

How To Record Your Dreams

Image from Hell Arken @hellarken
Image from Hell Arken @hellarken

You can use a voice recorder or journal and pen to record your night dreams immediately upon waking up, before the dream fades out of consciousness. Use a penlight with your journal if you don’t want to wake your partner, or disrupt your own sleep.

You can write in shorthand or record only the basics while your memory is still fresh. Then fill in the details such as colors, sizes, genders, or random objects. Everything means something to the overall picture, so it’s okay if you only remember one part of the dream.

After you record your dream you can go back to sleep, or contemplate what it might mean.

How To Interpret Your Dream

“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” Sigmund Freud

To interpret your dream, you need to rely your intuition, which everybody has. What’s your initial reaction?

Image from Fresh Poison
Image from Fresh Poison

50 common dreams symbols are listed below. You can also look up dream symbols with an internet search. Dream Moods is an excellent site. And Dream Views is a forum where you can get other people’s ideas on both your lucid and non-lucid dreams. If a specific dream symbol sounds right to you, it probably is.

Also look for synchronicities and messages during the day. If some kind of information pops out and you’re not sure why, see if it’s connected to your dream. Know that the message wants to come to you.

If you overthink the interpretation, you’ll lose its meaning. This is why it’s a good idea to ponder your dream right when you wake up, while your mind is still relaxed.

You can then make life choices accordingly. Dream journaling can take you to a whole new level of self-care, self-love, and self-awareness.

Here are 50 common dream symbols:

  1. Animals: Land animals can represent your physical health or career. They can also be a spirit guide or animal totem.
  2. Babies: Pregnancy or babies often symbolize a new start in life, or you’re growing and developing in a life area.
  3. Car: A vehicle represents your ability to make progress toward a goal.
  4. Celebrities: You might want recognition for your talents or skills. It might be time to put yourself out there.
  5. Chased: Being chased in a dream might say you don’t know how to deal with an issue.
  6. Cheating Partner: Dreaming of a partner cheating can indicate trust issues.
  7. Death: It might be time for a major life change or personal transformation.
  8. Demons: A self-destructive habit, addiction or shadow desire is coming to your attention.
  9. Driving: Driving a vehicle can reveal how you are navigating life. It can signify power, freedom, change, apprehension, anxiety, or hidden dangers.
  10. Earth: The Earth represents stability or natural support. If you’re buried in it, you might feel trapped in what gives you security. An earthquake can indicate business failure.
  11. Elevator: An elevator can symbolize an expansion of consciousness, rising to new heights of success, or setbacks, misfortune or a crash.
  12. Emotions: Feelings are safely expressed through dreams.
  13. Falling: There might be a need to let something go that you rely on for security or you might feel a lack of security.
  14. Family: Dreaming of a family member usually indicates security, dependency, or conflict depending on the nature of the dream.
  15. Feet: Bare feet can indicate freedom or taking a step in a new direction.
  16. Flying: You’re ready to let go of perceptions of control and trust the universe.
  17. Food: Seeing food in a dream can signify acquiring your basic needs, or your ability to enjoy life. Different foods have a wide range of meanings.
  18. Friends: A friend can portray your own hidden personality trait.
  19. Gate: An open gate can suggest new opportunities or a portal to a higher dimension of consciousness; a closed gate might indicate an inability to conquer obstacles.
  20. Giant: You might be facing what you perceive is an insurmountable struggle.
  21. Hair: Hair symbolizes sensuality, sexuality, and health. Hair loss can indicate loss of libido or health.
  22. Hands: Hands represent being assertive or giving {right hand} or being open and receiving {left hand}.
  23. House: A house represents your consciousness, psyche or your self. Different rooms in a house indicate different life areas.
  24. Illness: You might feel despair, hopelessness, or an inability to cope with life.
  25. Insects: Insects can refer to anxiety, guilt, or obstacles to overcome. Or they can indicate awareness or transformation into higher consciousness.
  26. Key: New ideas, experiences, or opportunities might be ahead.
  27. Killing: There might be hidden anger, or rage. Or it might be time for something in your life to come to an end.
  28. Ladder or Stairs: Climbing up indicates spiritual ascension or higher awareness; going down means avoiding or neglecting your inner work.
  29. Missing A Bus, Plane, Etc: You might be missing opportunities due to fear, self-doubt, or anxiety.
  30. Money: Money represents sexuality, power, and success.
  31. Mountains: A mountain might indicate an obstacle or victory over an obstacle, if you’re at the top.
  32. Nudity: You might long to be recognized for who you really are, or you might feel vulnerable.
  33. Paralysis: When you can’t move in a dream, this could reveal a sense of powerlessness.
  34. Past: People or events from your past could indicate unresolved issues or longings of better times.
  35. People: People in your dream often represent different aspects of your own self. If someone transforms into someone else, your perceptions of that person might change.
  36. Phone, Radio, TV, Computer, Etc: Communication systems can indicate a need or desire to get in touch with someone or connect with a community.
  37. Roads: A road can indicate your life path.
  38. Romance: Dreaming of a lover can indicate a need for affection, or good things ahead in your private life. A romance gone bad could reveal a fear of love.
  39. Running: If you’re running away, you might be trying to escape a perceived danger. If you’re running toward something, this can indicate motivation toward success.
  40. School: You might be learning something new or it’s time to embark into the unknown.
  41. Scream: Screams usually indicate fear. If you can’t scream, you might feel powerless, or something is blocking communication. It can also indicate REM paralysis.
  42. Sex: Sex dreams can indicate a longing for intimacy or repressed desires.
  43. Showing Up Late: You might be making promises you can’t keep.
  44. Space: If you’re floating or flying in space, it’s time to embrace a new, independent perspective, no matter how unusual it might seem. Broaden your understanding, and your horizons.
  45. Teachers: Guides, gurus, teachers, officials, etc represent authority figures.
  46. Teeth: Teeth often indicate strength. Teeth falling out can represent a lack of confidence, instability, or personal problems.
  47. Test or Exam: You might be criticizing yourself or your abilities, or it can refer to anxiety.
  48. Trapped: You might feel constricted or stuck in a rut.
  49. Water: Water usually represents your emotions. Take note of how you feel in your dream.
  50. Weapons: A weapon often indicates some kind of conflict in your waking life, or a need to protect yourself or others. Guns are associated with male aggression.
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