How To Get Out Of The Rat Race And Who Are The Rats Anyway?

What humans call “the rat race” turns out to be something a little more complex than what we might think. In fact, there might be far more to the nature of reality itself than we might realize. As you continue reading, be prepared to either expand your mind, or believe I’ve gone crazy.

In the realms of Ascension or “Awakening” it’s commonly understood that Earth and humans are not the center of the “universe” or rather, the galactic multiverse. There are far more worlds and dimensions of consciousness than we realize, while we’re living in this human reality, or to be more specific, the human mind. Yet we are momentarily confined to this limited cognitive system for divine, evolutionary purposes.

When humans begin to wake up – and we all will at some point in the space time continuum – we begin to see that we’ve been living in a sort of holographic matrix, i.e. the rat race. We also begin to see that someone or something other than ourselves has been influencing this matrix, although we each willingly incarnated into it, many times for some of us, because of those aforementioned evolutionary purposes.


Meet The Reptilians

If you’ve ever noticed that human history and the origins of our existence is rather vague, or missing altogether, that was a deliberate intention of the “gods”. What do I mean by gods? That’s just a mythical term to describe a certain group of entities that exist along with us in the multiverse.

To make a long story short, this particular group were titled by the ancient Gnostics as Archons, referenced in the Hebrew Bible as the Nephilim, Mesopotamian cultures called them the Annunaki, they’re known by others as the Cabal and then others, the Reptilians. They’re robotic, incapable of independent thought and their primary intent is to live vicariously through humans. And they’ve come to be powerfully influential over us.

As the story goes, the Reptilians have built a scalar electromagnetic field around the Earth, essentially keeping humans from being contacted by other entities. This put Earth and humans in a “quarantine” for many years. This is why we’ve been “kept in the dark” and have no idea how or why we exist. And perhaps this also why our evolution took a very ignorant turn along the way.

It’s believed that 3 out of 4 humans in civilized societies are currently under the mind control of Reptilians. So that could include you, and possibly me. This statistic goes down to 1 in 7 persons in aboriginal societies and those living in a more harmonious relationship with the Earth.

Reptilian mind control should be clear enough just by observing the average Earth citizen who lives under any kind of political and state laws, corporate 9-5 jobs or slave labor, religious membership, or other systems such as consumerism and popular mainstream culture. These are some of the socioeconomic systems that Reptilians use to control the planet, generally speaking.

Normalized Human Atrocities

It isn’t that simple or evil, as I’m going to explain, but over-simplifying the terms can give us an idea of what’s really going on, as well as make some kind of sense of it all.

Why do we see some humans living with more wealth than they know what to do with, while others are living in abject poverty or starving for lack of food while tons of food goes to the landfills every day? How do some humans have the power to create mindless wars while others can only watch helplessly as their child’s limbs are blown off in a religious war? And the rest of the world watches all of this happening and does nothing. In fact, we use human suffering in our films for entertainment. Are we all insane?

If you find yourself increasingly waking up to these atrocities, as well as the violence of classism, racism, sexism and other social discriminations in every area of life… then you are most likely not under reptilian control. You might even be working to expose it, as some of us are.

We Are All Under Their Influence

However, reptilians are extremely deceptive and anyone who thinks they’re outside of it most likely is not. They also control individuals through seemingly compassionate systems such as democratic politics (which can be highly state-controlled), animal or environmental activism (which can be just as violent as a national military or religious fundamentalism) as well as New Age or Buddhist philosophies (which include positivity cults or peace-loving, weed-addicted, living off the grid, escape artists that keeps people passive and incapable of changing the realities of human suffering.)

Reptilians and Illness

Sadly, reptilians also control humans through mental disorders and chronic illness. When we encounter personality disorders, depression, anxiety, suicide, trauma, abuse, PTSD… we see the reptilians blatantly at work, because they feed off of human suffering. They control human health through the food and agricultural industries, water reservoirs, the medical system and industrial pollution which results in health conditions such as chronic fatigue, infertility and even heart disease and cancer.

The easiest way to control a society is to control their food system, their healthcare system and their media. Mainstream media and mainstream art which comes through TV, social media, movies, music and novels are the things that tie us all to the systems and keep us from thinking for ourselves. This can include even so-called “independent” art and artists who might even appear to be working against the systems. Reptilians have been essentially running the planet for thousands of years, and it is extremely challenging, if not impossible, to escape their influence.

We Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Them 

It’s important that we don’t label the Reptilians as powerful dark masters or anything of the sort because they retain their control through delusion and fear. The interesting thing about reptilians is that they’re essentially harmless low entities. Normally they wouldn’t be a threat to us powerful creator beings. But they’re tricksters.

Their delusion lies in making us think they’re more powerful than they really are. They’ve also figured out ways to maintain the most power with the least amount of effort. They primarily accomplish this through mere mental manipulation of the masses and our social systems. And they’re starkly afraid we’ll figure out how powerless they really are.

They’ve been playing this game since the “The Fall of Man” whether through the tribalism or nationalism causing humans to turn on each other, conquering other peoples and lands. Or by influencing us to destroy ancient libraries and historical records, or the primary mind control method today of political campaigns and marketing strategies. We especially have to love their classic “End Times” apocalypse prophecies striking mass fear around the globe.

Even if these schemes are used for unethical purposes, reptilians are still brilliant at understanding the human psyche to possess it and manipulate other people through their puppets.

Reptilian Intelligence

Another genius aspect about reptilians is that they mix a lot of truth – deep truths – with the lies. The masses are so easily controlled because we don’t realize that we’re being controlled. We sense something good and admirable in these belief and lifestyle systems, because there is something good in them.

To complicate matters even more, just as we find imposters pretending to be light workers, it’s believed by some that there are Reptilians working to take down this mind control. But Reptilian characteristics are generally unfavorable to the well-being of humans.

In these established systems, we’re led to think we’re making voluntary choices for our lives as we’re given different options, even alternative and holistic options, within the systems. And yet everywhere we go, we find that systemic power control working from the inside, even in the most well-intentioned, ethically-inclined human organization.

Reptilians And Higher Consciousness

This includes psychic, magick, zen and enlightenment circles as well. Reptilians have actually taught us a lot about the spirit realm. Aleister Crowley had some genius insights into tarot and the esoteric arts, but his sex ritual magic and tantric sex is a powerful portal for low entity parasites to attach to humans.

Psychic channeling has been used as a communications system for entities who are both helping humans to remove themselves from the systems as well as entities to deceptively reinforce the systems. Extraterrestrials such as Bashar and the Galactic Confederation of Light speaking through channelers are filled with truths that seem to resonate with our soul, but if we look closer we see that reptilian scheme to pull minds into beliefs such as the idea that we create our own suffering. People in fact are not creating their suffering. Reptilians and their controls systems are. Focus on your own faults, they say, but whatever you do, don’t hate the patriarchy, feudalism or mass media for perpetuating perceptions of self-loathing.

False Light Constructs

Reptilians in disguise as beings of Light also make lofty claims such as being our “Ascended Masters” from “sacred secret societies”…. Any time we hear the terms, “master,” “sacred,” or “secret,” that’s usually a good sign to run the other direction. These false channelings also seem to use a lot of exclamation marks!!! in their writing. Some like to use fear to overly animate how powerful and dangerous these deceptive, dark masters are. Yep, that sounds just like something an insecure little Reptilian would say.

Unfortunately I run in to these psychic scams more often than I would like in my field, and I’m not always above falling for their ploys. Thankfully there are people who work hard to expose false light constructs which helps the rest of us.

Russel Brand is another example of someone under reptilian mind control while presenting the impression that he’s enlightened. What he preaches sounds humanly loving, very enlightened, until you get the sense that there’s something a little off about him. Look a little closer and we see that he uses enlightenment principles to create his own platform for money, fame and justification for his sexual objectification of women. If we look even closer we can see his connection with the Illuminati which he attempts to hide, or he may not even be aware of.

Myths About The Illuminati

There’s quite a lot of confusion surrounding the Illuminati throughout history but there are some things we know. One is that ritual abuse is being exposed. This could be one way  the reptilian/human connection is maintained. Another is that Kingships and Queenships on every continent have been very concerned with bloodlines throughout history. You’ll notice that political leaders, both in the public eye and behind the scenes, typically aren’t individuals elected by the people, although they might give that impression. Political leaders primarily obtain their positions of control through inside networks as well as family relationships. This is clear when we think of the British monarchy, but we’re surprised when we find out 98% of United States presidents have been blood-related to European royals.

Again, this includes even the so-called admirable leaders such as Nelson Mandela who said a lot of great things and performed courageous acts… but was also responsible for horrific acts of terrorism. The jury is still out on Bernie Sanders who may or may not be ultimately working under the oligarchy he is so adamantly against. Most often it’s an unconscious and unintentional perpetuation of the systems, because we’ve all fallen for the great and highly skilled con-artistry of the Reptilians.

We might find ourself signing up for the military, sitting painfully through a boring class at school or sermon at church, buying things we don’t even want, eating food that makes us sick or we detrimentally hurt people we love… and we have no idea why we do it. That’s how the reptilians work. And that’s how we all support them.

Why Do We Love And Hate Celebrities?

Most of us are awake enough to realize that rising to fame and power isn’t necessarily about integrity or natural talent, although that’s part of it. But it’s more about who one knows and how much of one’s autonomous self is sacrificed to the system. How many talented artists have we watched sell out to mainstream pop culture? Sure, some still retain a level of unique individuality such as Lady Gaga. But if we take a look at her lyrics, we find that same old familiar mind control. So this is why the Illuminati, and its symbolic Eye of Horus subliminally perpetuated by celebrities and politicians, is still a force to be reckoned with.

The Christians Again

It’s especially intriguing when Christians condemn politics, the banking cartel or New Age adherents because organized religion might be the Grandaddy of all Reptilian mind control. This is where pedophilia, sex trafficking, ritual abuse and spiritual abuse seem to congregate, although politics and finance are also very much involved in order to keep these mafia-like rings in motion. Of course most of us don’t want to think that these horrible things are even occurring.  We might ask, who would even want drug wars and the sex abuse of children? Reptilians do. And they use human mind control and emotional manipulation to disconnect people from their empathy and carry out their low entity need to feed off fear, anger and human suffering.

It Isn’t Necessarily A Conspiracy

This might all sound a little too conspiracy-theorish, or us vs. them, and overly dark and cynical up until now, but let’s look at it from a different angle. I’ve personally noticed that people who are strongly under this mind or emotional possession can be simultaneously awake, more than most people. Some minds are clearly possessed and yet they’re also highly evolved in their soul evolution – old souls as they’re called. How is this possible and how do we explain this seeming contradiction?

Mixing deep or rare truths with lies is how reptilians infiltrate our boundaries. But maybe, they’re not the horrific evil we would love to ascribe to them. Maybe they’re just like us. In fact, maybe they are us, or an aspect of us. Or maybe we’re all ultimately working together to create an existence consisting of challenges that are necessary to create ignorant friction and therefore accelerate our evolutionary processes. Maybe we create obstacles in our path for the higher purposes of overcoming them.

Maybe good and evil aren’t so good and evil. So, on one hand we’ve got horrific mindless suffering occurring on the planet, and it really is excruciating to wake up and see people suffering and how mass ignorance affects the quality of our lives…. But on the other hand, we can see how this suffering is ultimately being used to create depth in our compassion, oneness and our existential experiences…. Personally I don’t feel that I can draw any definite conclusions, but there are various perspectives to consider.

Just Tell Me How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

Either way, how do we remove ourself from this mental and emotional control and get our mind and therefore our life back? I’ve got some fabulous news for those who are interested in finally getting out of the rat race. We are living in a time when it’s much easier to wake up and find the support we need to change our reality.

Before the world went “bad”… ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, documented a time in the future when the energy field surrounding the Earth enforcing its quarantine would begin to start breaking down. This would allow other outside entities beside the reptilians to start interacting with and thereby influencing human activity. Entities of the light can now send light codes, or higher energy frequencies to the Earth, resulting in what some call an era of enlightenment.

The year that the Earth’s energy field began breaking down was the year 2012. If you’ve noticed a lot of chaos, suicides and changes taking place on the Earth in the last few years, this is because we’ve got more entities at work to influence humanity in a new direction. Earth is currently a hot spot for intergalactic activity because of this exciting era of awakening taking place. Awakening isn’t just for the one or two Buddhas anymore.

A New Consciousness

Antiquated behavior patterns are being replaced by more conscious relationships with ourselves and the planet. There are also extraterrestrials of the Light, such as the Pleiadians who have been trained through many human incarnations for this mission of awakening humanity. There are thousands and possibly billions of these entities on the Earth now. They may or may not yet be awakened to the memories reminding them of their mission. They’re human but not exactly human. And they’re here to help. You might even be one of these E.T.’s who signed up long ago to be a transporter of these new energy frequencies to assist in humanity’s current evolution.

Whether all of this sounds too outlandish to accept, or it rings true to your heart, here are some ways you can regain your mind, and your personal power:

Live The Life You Want

This is easier said than done, but this is why I’m constantly encouraging people to embrace your personal power and do what you want. Let go of the friends and family you don’t even like and find or create a new community. Do the work you’re passionate about. Live closer to nature, grow a garden, create art, stop going to church and cultivate your own spirituality. March to the beat of your own drum. If you wake up every morning and set the intention to follow your heart, wherever it may lead that day, this is exactly the thing that will destroy controlling systems and provide a fulfilling life for you as well as inspire others to do the same. No, it isn’t easy but it’s better than wasting a lifetime.

Why Isolation Doesn’t Solve Anything

Sometimes it’s necessary to isolate ourself from society for a period of time just to detox from all the poisons that have infiltrated our mind and body, and get back to ourself. If you find yourself dissatisfied with family, friends, work, entertainment and well, everything, you might need some hermit time. Eventually however, we’re going to want to reintegrate. And this is important. We can’t run or hide from the things that oppress humans, or we will only remain oppressed, and quite lonely.

Furthermore, what we discover is that we’re dependent on these human systems for survival, whether they help or hurt us. And like any addiction, quitting something overnight can create more problems than we started with. Not only that, it simply isn’t possible to entirely remove ourself from them because their influences exist in the mind and affect our reality no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

The most fulfilling life seems to include a balance between integrating with the controlled systems as well as challenging them. And it begins in our own life. Therefore, we can be a doctor or teacher or business owner. But we can also rise to our potential within our field. We can use our skills and passions to become a respected expert, and then we gain resources to change that field from the inside out. We can start challenging standards and change guidelines to be more ethical and organic from within the field. Or we can pull an Edward Snowden and expose its corruption. The way we live and work will be unique to each of us as well as our personalities, backgrounds and skills we’re working with.

Broken Relationships

Even if our own minds aren’t largely under reptilian control, most likely at least one of our loved ones’ are. This can be difficult to endure as Reptilians love to create drama and destroy relationships. Humbly admitting our own susceptibility, patiently understand what’s really going on, and unconditional love are probably the best tactics for combatting infected relationships.

Taking Back Our Health

I’m not talking about joining fitness and diet regimes that only perpetuate standardized myths of muscles and beauty. I’m talking about actually listening to our body. When we do this, the vast majority of food in grocery stores and restaurants become unappealing and even repulsive, especially after detoxing from its chemical addictions. We’ll persistently seek out farmer’s markets and organic co-ops for fresh, organic and nutrient-dense food which is far more flavorful than GMO crops, mass-produced industrialized food and the cruelty of animal concentration camps. Diets like fruitarianism will be seen for the damaging fundamentalist beliefs that they are.

We’ll also awaken to the violence we do to our bodies through excessive weight training, exercise programs such as Crossfit and all the cardiovascular disease occurring in competitive sports and Olympics training. We’ll seek for more balanced and holistic ways to move our body, closer to nature – exercise that isn’t addicting but feels far more individual, healing, enjoyable and meaningful.

Media Influences

As we wake up, mainstream entertainment starts looking more and more ridiculous. A single film can present every social discrimination in existence with emotional soundtracks and sensational graphics before it’s hailed with multiple film awards. Then we have to listen to friends and family talk on and on about how great the movie was and their fan fiction plot based off of it. There’s no doubt that helpful truths, talent, creativity and boundary-pushing imagination are present in the film and its subcultures. But when we see all the manipulative ways those skills are used to mass control minds, we might as well go back to church. Thankfully, there are a few oppressed voices who are challenging the subliminal self-hate and human degradation in the entertainment industry. We can either be these voices, support them or create better media.

Being Creative

Believe it or not, we can find an increasing amount of art, design and fashion that’s much more creative and purposeful than the bland and standardized big box store products. We can use our creativity to reflect our individual values instead of mindlessly advertising more consumerism. Some say that art will save the world. This is because high quality art requires a connection with our deeper emotions as well as our authentic self. As I mentioned earlier, simply being and creatively expressing our honest self through any available avenue is the most effective way to change everything.

Just get passionate about something. Anything. Discover all there is to know about, take it apart, put it back together, sleep with it under your pillow. And then share it with the rest of us.

Find Your Own Spirituality

Behavior modification can’t give us the lasting lifestyle changes we want unless we redirect the energy forces that influence our behavior in the first place. These forces are things like thoughts, beliefs and intentions. Everything we see in the material realm is a manifestation of an idea in the unconscious, or spirit realm.

This is why our mind, and our consciousness is so important. It’s not only where we experience reality, but it’s the projector of reality itself. We are each creating a 3D collective holographic projection of the world in and through our mind. Or is someone or something else creating our reality through us?

There’s really no way around it. If we sit under any preacher, teacher, guru or program week after week, our mind is being indoctrinated and even brainwashed. There are endless manipulation tactics, many that are much more subtle than threats of eternal suffering, which are used to maintain this abuse of power. Our mind is already programmed by our environment. We don’t need to add anyone’s belief system on top of that.

Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Reality

The only way to change our reality is to change our thoughts and beliefs that are creating it. Most of us aren’t in control of our own mind. We’ve given that power over to some “higher” entity or system of belief. But we can change that. We do this by observing and being aware of what’s occurring in our mind, looking at what we’re manifesting in our life, then replacing our self-destructing thoughts with what we truly know within our own soul.

This takes some practice and skill, but it’s possible. And the most effective method we know so far is meditation or mindfulness. It’s surprising how many people just don’t want to meditate considering all of its benefits. But that’s also why the Reptilian part of the mind is so resistant to it. Through meditation, we awaken to our personal truth and the power to change our life and the world… that powerful truth which has been residing within each of us all along.


Advanced Meditation Techniques To Remove Low Entity Possession:



ARE YOU A STARSEED LOOKING FOR GUIDANCE IN YOUR AWAKENING PROCESS? Hi, I’m Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish. I’m an esoteric researcher, medium, and metaphysical astrologer. I work with energy consciousness and quantum gateways. I’m here to serve Starseeds who are waking up. My mission is to support, inspire, and guide those on the awakening path to discover their soul gifts and life passion.