Getting Grounded Can Solve All Kinds Of Problems In Your Life

You’ve been around the type. You ask someone a question but they only half respond. You notice they’re not really “there” and are somewhere in their own little world. It’s like you could wave your hand in front of their face and they probably wouldn’t notice.

I’ve seen this associated with highly creative people, gamers, visionaries, fan fiction writers, computer geeks, genius scientists or inventors, spiritual, psychic or intuitive people and of course people on mind-altering substances. They might be brilliant. But they’re disconnected from the collective reality.

It’s important to stay grounded both energetically and physically not only for our relationships, but for our well-being. When we neglect our energetic health, we lose touch with our emotions, our sense of compassion or our creative side. But when we neglect our physical well-being, our emotions can feel out of control or we might be disconnected from the world around us. It might feel like we got dropped off on the wrong planet.

Grounding Benefits

Being ungrounded can sometimes feel like we’re floating above our body. Or we might even have an out of body experience. This can lead to higher creative ability and insight. But it can also lead to severe anxiety, health issues, accidents and relationship problems. What are the benefits of higher insight if we can’t apply it to our daily life and contribute to a better world?

Electrical Systems Need Grounding

Since we’re energy beings we need grounding just like every other electrical system. Otherwise we experience a build up of static charges or in other words – energy blocks. Our energy can’t flow through us. We might have lots of electric firings going off within, but not enough energy flowing out. This stagnancy creates all sorts of issues.

When I work with certain crystals, such as upper chakra crystals, there is so much high frequency energy circulating that I can become dizzy and spaced out. It’s a form of electromagnetic stress. Thankfully there are also grounding crystals which can counteract this effect.

Inner growth, creativity or energy work doesn’t have to disengage us from physical reality. In fact, I’m from the camp that says it shouldn’t disconnect us from reality. If it does, it becomes counterproductive.


Here Are Some Signs That Tell Us Our Energy Has Stagnated Or Is Ungrounded

  1. If we’re having trouble making clear decisions
  2. If we have no idea what we want to do with our life or what we want
  3. If we can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning or we feel tired and drained before the day is over
  4. If we stare at our computer screen and read the same paragraph over and over
  5. If we’re highly sensitive to light, noise or the energies of other people (It’s especially imperative for empaths to stay grounded)
  6. If we look everywhere for our phone and finally notice we’re holding it
  7. If we’re driving but thinking about something other than the road and other drivers
  8. If someone tells a witty joke in a conversation and we completely miss it
  9. If someone is talking about one subject and we start talking about another, or we lose track of what we’re saying
  10. If hours have gone by and we didn’t accomplish anything and wonder “where the time went”
  11. If we excessively daydream about the future instead of living in the present
  12. If we’re so “in love” that we can’t see the toxic issues of our partner


Grounding Techniques

Much of our ungrounding is a result of human civilization moving further and further away from nature’s cycles, circadian rhythms, elements and energies. For most of us, our modern world is technologically advanced, highly industrialized and disconnected from nature relative to the environment of our ancestors.

Grounding means that we stay consciously engaged in our physical body and connected to our physical environment. This is why it’s so helpful to get back in touch with the natural habitat from which we originate. Reconnecting with nature energy is what witch craft and other forms of occultism might involve. But the following grounding techniques, whether magical or not, can be practiced by anyone.

Note: Sometimes people become ungrounded because of emotional traumas. Coping mechanisms are sometimes used as a means to escape or disconnect from pain. In this case, it would be wise to first face and deal with the trauma before doing other grounding techniques.


Ideas For Grounding:

  1. Spend time outside every day, preferably with bare hands (gardening) or feet touching the Earth
  2. Go swimming in a natural body of water, take daily showers or wash your dishes by hand (water is very grounding)
  3. If you don’t have access to the great outdoors, you can visualize nature scenes such as kayaking across a lake or hiking up a forest trail
  4. Eat and sleep on a circadian rhythm or at the same time every day
  5. Eat food that makes you personally feel grounded and is nutritionally balanced
  6. Completely shut down all wifi connections and electronics at night; put them on airplane mode so that they’re not unnecessarily sending and receiving electromagnetic frequencies through your energy space
  7. Decrease the amount of fantasy fiction or entertainment drama in your life
  8. Remove unwanted energy and clutter from your home, such as certain relationships or objects in your home that you do not absolutely love
  9. Focus on being considerate of other people when you’re around them, be aware of their presence, take time to truly listen and thoughtfully respond
  10. Commit to body care such as self-massages or deep breathing
  11. Be aware of your surroundings using each of your senses. What do you see? What do you hear? See common objects in a new light as if for the first time
  12. Place grounding crystals such as smoky quartz or black obsidian on your lower chakras while consciously letting go of excess stress, or carry them with you
  13. Move your body in whatever way makes you feel alive and gets your energy flowing
  14. Know the moon cycles and how its energy pulls affect human emotions and behaviors
  15. Know where the planets are, including the retrogrades, and how their positions relate to your natal birth chart


Grounding With Energy Work

Before doing any kind of creative energy work, it’s especially important to ground ourselves. One way to do this is with focused visualization.

Imagine you are a magnificent, healthy tree and your roots move into the ground below you. If you aren’t located on a ground floor, your roots will travel through the floors below. See your roots continue through to the molten iron of the Earth all the way to its core. You can then intertwine and wrap your roots around the Earth’s iron center. Now you are anchored to the Earth.

Once you feel you are sufficiently anchored, you can also visualize your branches reaching up into the sky, toward the sun, past the sun, through the galaxy, through other dimensions and finally to the source of energy itself. As you receive energy from its source, it flows all the way back down to your crown chakra, through your heart and root chakras and back to the Earth’s core for transmutation.

As you imagine energy flowing through your body from source to the center of the Earth and back again through a circular path, this can release stagnant energy or push through energy blocks. This is an example of how to do energy work while also remaining grounded.


ARE YOU A STARSEED LOOKING FOR GUIDANCE IN YOUR AWAKENING PROCESS? Hi, I’m Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish. I’m an esoteric researcher, medium, and metaphysical astrologer. I work with energy consciousness and quantum gateways. I’m here to serve Starseeds who are waking up. My mission is to support, inspire, and guide those on the awakening path to discover their soul gifts and life passion.