Get Unstuck In Life By Finding Your Soul Passions

Most people I know are held back in life. You can look at them and see that they have so much creative potential, so many trail-blazing dreams… but their shining brilliance is dimmed for various reasons.

Sometimes we play small because that’s what’s expected of us. Others learn to depend on us as their doormat. Other times we’re trapped by commitments such as a marriage, family or career that no longer allow us freedom to evolve. And then there are those pesky fears of finding our freedom, because it’s so unknown to us.

Suppressing our true self is often at the heart of our problems, including health issues, relationship drama or career obstacles. Not that problems are a bad thing; neither is losing touch with our core self. That’s all part of the human path.

But some of us are ready to awaken to our phenomenal amazingness, and live wild and free, from the soul. In fact, we’re in a position where we have to awaken. When we resist our natural metamorphosis, our problems only grow worse or more intense.

Find Your Soul Passions -

What’s The Answer?

If you find yourself in this situation, what can you do about this? How can you find the guts and the clarity to finally break free? Whether you’re stuck in self-imposed limitations or weights placed on you by others, how can you move past them?

The answer might not be what we want to hear but I’m going to say it anyway. Usually, the best thing to do is… nothing.

That can be a tough mandate to accept in our current, high pressure, masculine-driven, corporate world. Daily we’re flooded with advice on how to work faster, harder and with better marketing skills to get that thing we want. We’ve got P90X®, “How To Grow Your Monthly Income To $1K A Day,” and dating tips galore on how to snag that one girl or guy.

It’s all a little nauseating if you stop and think about it. Especially disturbing is getting to know these teachers of success and see that they’ve got deep personal issues of unhappiness too, even if they’re swimming in fat piles of cash.

Achieving Success

What even is success? And who are the true achievers in this existential human experience?

If you do an internet search for “how to be successful,” you’ll be bombarded by quote memes about living fearless, about how you have no more excuses, and the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary, blah, blah, blah….

I’ll be back after I go vomit into the toilet of “sacrifice your soul for what might work great for someone else, but probably doesn’t and now they have to keep up the appearance.”

P.S. Have you noticed that these successful entrepreneurs are mostly middle and upper class white people? Yeah, so anyway.

Besides lumping everyone together into one formula for success, another common problem with these inspirational quotes is that they don’t address what happens after one succeeds.

There’s this one undeniable fact, and that is that we all die. Our work, relationships and possessions come to an end and so do we. So we work hard to obtain a big house, a family with cute little mini-me’s and vacations to paradise islands…. Then what? Then we die and lose it all. That doesn’t sound too successful to me.

There’s must be something more. And there is. Somehow we all know this is true.

Let Go Do Nothing -

The Something More

Maybe success isn’t so much about money, but about personal freedom. Maybe it’s being able to let go of anything and anyone that weighs us down or holds us back – the energy wasters. We can walk away because we’re not dependent on anyone but our own self for our bliss and life direction. Freedom.

Maybe real success is the freedom to live from the soul, whether we’re royalty living in a palace, or our palace is a park bench. We can totally relax into what is, trusting our spontaneous impulses, taking risks and standing on our inner truths.

It involves functioning from an internal peaceful bliss that is always present no matter what our circumstances and continues through timeless eternity. It’s there now, right where you’re at.

There are a lot of misconceptions about living from our dynamic inner self. That ignorance is part of the adventure, though. When we awaken to the amazing, self-reliant, creative brilliance of who we are, right now in this moment, it all starts to make sense.

If I Do What I Want, Won’t I Become Lazy, Unreliable And Stupid?

Some people think that if they follow their soul desires, they’ll just sit around and smoke weed all day. But that’s not necessarily what soul desires are about.

The real you is far more capable, intelligent and useful than we often give ourselves credit for.

When you connect with your core self, you’ll discover the mission that you’re here for. You’ll work harder than you’ve ever imagined – with blood, sweat and tears. But it won’t seem like work, it will seem like play. You’ll probably feel guilty about it.

Life will become an adventure ride, taking you beyond your wildest dreams. You won’t become isolated from the world, but more fully integrated. You will finally find your place in it.

Okay, So How?

You’ve most likely already had elusive moments of soul connection. That’s what we want to turn our focus toward, so that it will expand and evolve. To access it, we don’t need to work super hard and smart. Instead, we need to take our attention off things and people who are external to us and then just wait. Do nothing

182870_375100135933725_71431007_nEventually a tiny, vague soul spark will appear. “Is that my soul spark?” Or we might become a little curious and want to look within. There you will find NOT what other people like, want and work for, but what YOU want.

You might have to dig a little deep, but you’ll discover life paths, natural strengths, desires to create and aspects of beauty that are entirely unique to you. And you’ll find the courage to connect with them too, because you already are!

Simply let go of perceptions of control and be yourself. Feel how you feel. Like what you like, dislike what you don’t. Laugh at what makes you laugh and cry about what makes you cry. Allow your personal rage to surface, without harming others.

Love who you love, walk away from people who don’t give you space to be your quirky self. Embrace your own kind of sexuality. Own the personality that belongs to you and no one else. While you’re at it, express your own style. Be you, no matter who that ‘you’ is or where that ‘you’ takes you.

You’ve Already Achieved Success

How awesome would it be if being our true self defined true success? And you can achieve it now, at this very moment because you are already you. Once you get a taste of this deliciousness, you’ll want more. Over time, your moment by moment decisions will become clear as well as fueled by your honest passions.

The goal? To achieve yourself, to reconnect with you. Since you’re already connected to the real you, it’s just a matter of letting life happen and awakening to the facts.

ARE YOU A STARSEED LOOKING FOR GUIDANCE IN YOUR AWAKENING PROCESS? Hi, I’m Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish. I’m an esoteric researcher, medium, and metaphysical astrologer. I work with energy consciousness and quantum gateways. I’m here to serve Starseeds who are waking up. My mission is to support, inspire, and guide those on the awakening path to discover their soul gifts and life passion.