Daily Magic: June 9, 2017 {On Clearing The Internal Blocks}

I owe this Sagittarius Full Moon big time {pun intended} and I’ve got a newfound reverence for expansive Jupiter and Sag Full Moons to boot.

Image from @hellarken
Image from @hellarken

This Full Moon along with Jupiter stationing direct in Libra and a Grand Fire Trine is all about becoming aware of what holds us back and basically, letting that shit go.

Yesterday I was able to clear some fear and trauma blocks and, while I’ve got more, there are no words to describe the level of freedom I feel to love – myself, others, and all of life.

Self-expression wants to fearlessly pour out too, opening my raw, honest self to the world. I feel alive, carefree, and at peace with all.

If you’re not experiencing some major shifts right now, you’re at least becoming aware of your blocks. These might involve self-destructive patterns that began from shocks or trauma in childhood, or habits developed from your family upbringing.

I created a journaling system that works great for me to face my stuff, reconcile with it, and let go. But that would take a small book to explain so I’ll just describe here it in simple terms. In your journal:

  1. What are you not totally happy about?
  2. How does it make you feel and react?
  3. What scares you about it?
  4. How does this unwanted thing reflect your self-view or your upbringing?
  5. How can you honestly love this dark side of you?
  6. How can you fully accept and integrate it into your life or your life goals?
  7. What is your new identity or reality after merging your light and dark self?

Hope you’re all doing okay out there. Love to all! More astro thoughts on Twitter: @intuitive_fish

May your life be infused with magic and may you truly enjoy your existence. With love, Elizabeth aka Intuitive Fish

The cultivated witch rules her stars; the fool obeys them.

Tarot Card of the Day

The Emperor

Break out of any antiquated ruts by following your personal ideals.

Today’s Numerology

7 Spirituality

Dreams, Psychic Abilities, Mysticism, Self Divinity, Mental Ambition, Compassion, Unrealized Plans and Ideas

Sacred Day of the Week


A day for love, romance, beauty, affections, harmony and finding things and people you adore; watch for overindulgence

Today’s Lunar Phase

Full Moon 100% in Sagittarius

Social Gatherings, Passion, Emotions, Abundance, Enlightenment, Full Manifestation Of New Moon Intention

Astrology: The Planets, intuitivefish.com

Today’s Planetary Aspects

Venus sextile Mars, Sun inconjunct Pluto, Moon conjunct Saturn, Moon trine Uranus

Grand Fire Trine: North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius

Other Current Planetary Energies

Saturn trine Uranus: Innovative breakthroughs, and authentic changes especially for your career and social structures come easy now.

Saturn square Chiron: You’ll be pushed to grow up! through taking responsibility, practical self-care, staying objective, and releasing the past. Watch for self-punishing behavior.

Jupiter square Pluto: Facing and overcoming your fears with deep insight is a little easier at this time. Just watch for cynicism, narcissism and dwelling on those fears.

Jupiter opposes Uranus: Watch for technology overwhelm or attention deficit disorder. But technology can foster healthy revolutions, as long as it’s in balance.

Jupiter in Libra: We’re evolving and growing this year primarily through relationships and social connections – believe it or not!

[Gemini Sun, Sagitarrius Moon; Jupiter Retrograde until June 9, Neptune retrograde June 16, Venus in Taurus Jun 16-22, Chiron retrograde June 30, Mars in Cancer until July 19, Jupiter square Pluto until Aug, Saturn retrograde until August 25, Grand Fire Trine {Saturn, Uranus, North Node} until Oct, Jupiter opposes Uranus until Oct, Jupiter in Libra until Oct 10, Pallas Athene in Aries until Nov 15, Saturn square Chiron until end of 2017, Saturn trine Uranus until end of 2017, Juno in Capricorn until Dec 16, Saturn in Sagittarius until Dec 20, Jupiter retrograde Mar 8, 2018, Chiron in Pisces until April 17, 2018, Uranus in Aries until May 15, 2018, North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius until end of 2018, Pluto in Capricorn until March 23, 2023, Neptune in Pisces until March 30, 2025]

Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish, is a healthy vegan mama living in the Pacific Northwest. Her life mission involves researching the esoteric arts, guiding souls along their awakening path, and contributing to a world of humans doing what they love. She’s available for readings and counseling, and would love to be your friend on social media.