Daily Magic: April 28, 2017 {On Realizations and Release}

Look for clues, symbols or associations that connect your present struggles with your past. 

Image from Bunny Claws
Image from Bunny Claws

For example, if you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, did a parent display stress or a mental disorder in your childhood?

These types of messages have been coming up in my night dreams. The connection becomes clear as I realize a current obstacle, fear or hardship began with a past event.

I’ve been holding onto buried trauma all of these years, as it plays out in my reality in various forms, never realizing the connection. But planetary alignments are bringing this information to light.

It’s enlightening to finally see the link from childhood to current life patterns. And now I’m equipped to grieve past trauma, reconcile with it, then let it go with a banishing spell or ritual.

On that note, it’s a good day to enforce boundaries, and refuse to believe something if it doesn’t align with your inner truth. You might also be inclined to boldly express your love to someone you care for, or to the world.

“Highly spiritual beings with gifts please don’t be afraid of the world and know your worth. Get out there and share your magic.” – Khadijah

Also, be prepared for possible unexpected life-altering realizations or chance meetings. Overindulgence is also strong today, especially if you’re doing painful inner work. The temptation is to escape the struggle with instant gratification.

“Once you have released a karmic pattern there still may be much work to do around reprogramming the beliefs and healing emotional wounds.” Maryam Hasnaa

There’s a lot of talking going on today, rather than action. Lots of new ideas and exciting possibilities are also coming up, as hidden information rises to the surface.

Putting off action is a smart move, since we can’t yet see accurately the full impact of our actions. But even better is to spend your time in constructive introspection, if possible.

May your soul be infused with magic and may you truly enjoy your existence. With love, Elizabeth aka Intuitive Fish

The cultivated witch rules her stars; the fool obeys them.

Tarot Card of the Day

The Tower

Focus on higher truths and insights to get through a present calamity, which is occurring to help you awaken to a more stable and permanent security – your eternal, core Self. Know that your Guides beyond the veil are guiding and supporting you as you bravely accomplish your life mission and create your dreams.

Today’s Numerology


Magnetic attraction, Love and Romance, Attachment, Mother Love, Determination, Stubbornness, Idealism, Art, Music and Beauty

Sacred Day of the Week


A day for love, romance, beauty, affections, harmony and finding things and people you adore; watch for overindulgence

Today’s Lunar Phase

Waxing Crescent 6% in Gemini

Action Steps To Start New Projects, New Ventures and New Intentions

Astrology: The Planets, intuitivefish.com

Today’s Planetary Aspects

North Node enters Leo, South Node enters Aquarius, Venus enters Aries, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Moon trine Jupiter

Other Current Planetary Energies

Saturn trine Uranus: Innovative breakthroughs, and authentic changes especially for your career and social structures come easy now.

Saturn square Chiron: You’ll be pushed to grow up! through taking responsibility, practical self-care, staying objective, and releasing the past. Watch for self-punishing behavior.

Uranus Pluto Square: Breaking down behavior patterns and social structures with righteous anger marks this beautiful energy. But it can also create chaos and anxiety…. Let go of the old and the dead.

Jupiter square Pluto: Facing and overcoming your fears with deep insight is a little easier at this time. Just watch for cynicism, narcissism and dwelling on those fears.

Jupiter opposes Uranus: Watch for technology overwhelm or attention deficit disorder. But technology can foster healthy revolutions, as long as it’s in balance.

Jupiter in Libra: We’re evolving and growing this year primarily through relationships and social connections – believe it or not!

[Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon; Mercury retrograde until May 3, Mercury in Aries until May 15, Uranus Pluto square until May 2017, Mars in Gemini until June 4, Venus in Aries until June 6, Jupiter Retrograde until June 9, Jupiter square Pluto until Aug, Saturn retrograde until August 25, Jupiter opposes Uranus until Oct, Jupiter in Libra until Oct 10, Pallas Athene in Aries until Nov 15, Saturn square Chiron until end of 2017, Saturn trine Uranus until end of 2017, Juno in Capricorn until Dec 16, Saturn in Sagittarius until Dec 20, Chiron in Pisces until April 17, 2018, Uranus in Aries until May 15, 2018, Pluto in Capricorn until March 23, 2023, Neptune in Pisces until March 30, 2025]

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