Daily Magic: April 13, 2017 {On Moving Forward While Held Back}

Unexpected surprises might show up today. I woke up this morning to a rather large spider on the low ceiling of my bed loft. But hey, it got me out of bed, and spider is now safely outside. 

Image via Wicked and Lovely
Image via Wicked and Lovely

Intense energy is still floating around the atmosphere. Although emotions are beginning to wane with the moon, you might feel unsettled and off balance.

Or there might be an inner conflict between taking charge, while something invisible holds you back. That something invisible would be Scorpio Moon. 

Our inner tension reflects in our external relationships, coming out as criticism, misunderstandings and ego flares.

With the Sun conjunct Uranus and retrogrades, it would be wise to stay out of other people’s affairs today. No matter how close you are, no matter how much another person’s actions affect you, it’s okay to respect their personal process.

“Learn to say ‘I hope that works out for you’ rather than try to fix or change people.” Maryam Hasnaa

Now, what to do about the anxious stimulus while simultaneously feeling fatigued or held back? This is a tricky combination.

I personally needed to dance this morning to release excess energy and celebrate my accomplishments thus far; then spend time grounding.

There are all kinds of ways to ground your mind, body, and soul. If you can’t hang out in nature, you can anchor your root chakra to the Earth’s core while in the garland pose. Or meditate on some dirt while holding a black tourmaline. If it works, it works. Also, don’t forget to eat and sleep on schedule.

After grounding, you should be able to focus on a work project or steadily move toward your goals. If you find yourself drifting again, grab your tourmaline. If you make a mistake, simply correct it, and move on.

May your days be filled with incense, candles, crystals, tarot and magical things, Elizabeth aka Intuitive Fish

The cultivated witch rules her stars; the fool obeys them.

Tarot Card of the Day

5 of Pentacles Reversed

Wandering with no aim brings material troubles but problems can be resolved if recklessness isn’t carried too far

Today’s Numerology


Resourceful Organization, Ambition, Determination, Energy Force, Activism, Acting On Impulse, Independence, Fighting For A Cause, Anger, Destruction, Leadership

Sacred Day of the Week


A day for opportunities, expansion, justice, higher intelligence, your higher mission, and spirituality

Today’s Lunar Phase

Waning Gibbous 95% in Scorpio

Harvest, Communication, Evaluating, Revelation, Correcting Mistakes

Astrology: The Planets, intuitivefish.com

Today’s Planetary Aspects

Sun conjunct Uranus, Venus square Saturn, Moon opposes Mars, Moon sextile Pluto

Venus Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde

Other Current Planetary Energies

Saturn trine Uranus: Innovative breakthroughs, and authentic changes especially for your career and social structures come easy now.

Saturn square Chiron: You’ll be pushed to grow up! through taking responsibility, practical self-care, staying objective, and releasing the past. Watch for self-punishing behavior.

Uranus Pluto Square: Breaking down behavior patterns and social structures with righteous anger marks this beautiful energy. But it can also create chaos and anxiety…. Let go of the old and the dead.

Jupiter square Pluto: Facing and overcoming your fears with deep insight is a little easier at this time. Just watch for cynicism, narcissism and dwelling on those fears.

Jupiter opposes Uranus: Watch for technology overwhelm or attention deficit disorder. But technology can foster healthy revolutions, as long as it’s in balance.

Jupiter in Libra: We’re evolving and growing this year primarily through relationships and social connections – believe it or not!

[Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon; Sun, Uranus, Pallas in Aries; Mercury, Mars, Ceres in Taurus; Chiron, Neptune in Pisces; Saturn retrograde until April 25, 2017, Mercury retrograde until May 3, 2017, Venus Retrograde until April 15, 2017, Mars in Taurus until April 21, 2017, Venus in Pisces until April 28, 2017, Ceres in Taurus until April 29, 2017, Lunar N North in Virgo until April 29, 207, Uranus Pluto square until May 2017, Mercury in Taurus until May 15, Venus in Aries until June 6, 2017, Jupiter Retrograde until June 9, 2017, Jupiter square Pluto until Aug 2017, Jupiter opposes Uranus until Oct 2017, Jupiter in Libra until Oct 10, 2017, Pallas Athene in Aries until Nov 15, 2017, Saturn square Chiron until end of 2017, Saturn trine Uranus until end of 2017, Juno in Capricorn until Dec 16, 2017, Saturn in Sagittarius until Dec 20, 2017, Chiron in Pisces until April 17, 2018, Uranus in Aries until May 15, 2018, Pluto in Capricorn until March 23, 2023, Neptune in Pisces until March 30, 2025]

Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish, is a healthy vegan mama living in the Pacific Northwest. Her life mission involves researching the esoteric arts, guiding souls along their awakening path, and contributing to a world of humans doing what they love. She’s available for readings and counseling, and would love to be your friend on social media.