Daily Astro: March 18, 2017 {On Knowing Which Way To Go}

Like a race horse flaring in the starting gate, you might feel a strange need to burst. But we still don’t have that grounded action plan yet, thanks to Pisces who doesn’t always get the facts straight.

Image from My Inner Landscape
Image from My Inner Landscape

As Mercury joins Venus retrograde in Aries, communication is a little more flowy today. It might be a good time to clear things up with someone… but our dear, precious Pisces Sun is still emotional.

So remember, just because you know what to say doesn’t mean you should say it. I’m shocked how often I hold my tongue only to see someone work something out on their own, in their own way, when they’re ready. We don’t have to worry about other people’s manure, even if they’re someone close to us. That takes a tremendous load off of everyone, when we consider the energetic ripple effect.

Speaking of removing the load, I didn’t just set aside all my deadlines, plans and goals yesterday. I threw them down like a heavy-weight wrestler in all his fierce glory, including the exasperated grunt as my opponent crashed to the floor.

What is time anyway but a heartless slave-driver? Sometimes I appreciate it; other times, I’ve had enough of that illusion. I’ll get my work done when I have the inspired passion to do so. Then I’ll do my best work, I’ll have fun doing it, and it will be interesting and worthwhile for all. But it’s tough to hold that resolve when outside influences demand otherwise.

As The Sun says goodbye to Pisces‘ endings and it “heads into” Aries {the Sun doesn’t actually move} we’re going to get a nice break from all the confusing emotions. But if we don’t take advantage of what the emotional upheaval is trying to achieve, there will be regrets.

What are your emotions telling you? Shhhh…. listen. Fight for your right to feel things and express things. Support their cause. They’re trying to guide you to your True Self. Only then will they stop causing a ruckus, and only then will you know which way to go.

With love, Elizabeth aka Intuitive Fish

The cultivated witch rules her stars; the fool obeys them.


Other Current Planetary Energies

Saturn trine Uranus: Innovative breakthroughs, and authentic changes especially for your career and social structures come easy now.

Saturn square Chiron: You’ll be pushed to grow up! through taking responsibility, practical self-care, staying objective, and releasing the past. Watch for self-punishing behavior.

Uranus Pluto Square: Breaking down behavior patterns and social structures with righteous anger marks this beautiful energy. But it can also create chaos and anxiety…. Let go of the old and the dead.

Jupiter square Pluto: Facing and overcoming your fears with deep insight is a little easier at this time. Just watch for cynicism, narcissism and dwelling on those fears.

Jupiter opposes Uranus: Watch for technology overwhelm or attention deficit disorder. But technology can foster healthy revolutions, as long as it’s in balance.

Jupiter in Libra: We’re evolving and growing this year primarily through relationships and social connections – believe it or not!

[Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon; Mercury conjoins Venus; Sun, Chiron, Pallas and Neptune in Pisces; Saturn in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Aries until end of March 2017, Venus Retrograde until April 15, 2017, Mars in Taurus until April 20, 2017, Uranus Pluto square until May 2017, Venus in Aries until June 6, 2017, Jupiter Retrograde until June 9, 2017, Jupiter square Pluto until Aug 2017, Jupiter opposes Uranus until Oct 2017, Jupiter in Libra until Oct 2017, Saturn square Chiron until end of 2017, Saturn trine Uranus until end of 2017]

Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish, is a healthy vegan mama living in the Pacific Northwest. Her life mission involves researching the esoteric arts, guiding souls along their awakening path, and contributing to a world of humans doing what they love. She’s available for readings and counseling, and would love to be your friend on social media.