Daily Astro: January 18, 2017 {On Emotional Trauma and Dark Little Jagged Roads}

So how did the fight with your partner go last night? Hopefully it led to a deeper level of intimacy rather than divorce papers. I’m kidding of course! But we’ve got a little more upheaval ahead. 


Hopefully you weren’t awake and talking to your partner last night at 1:37am EST when Mars was blindsided by Eris. If you were unexpectedly hit with jealousy and anger, that would be it.

Personally, this morning’s rainy, windy weather here in the Pacific Northwest reflects how I’m feeling internally. Deep emotional heartache. More on that later.

The moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn implies a strain on relationships. With Libra, you’d think we could just be nice, avoid conflict, and everything will be fine.

But compromising our values, ethics and principles will take an emotional toll. So there’s a need to find common ground with a loved one AND stay true to yourself.

I know, I know. It’s a tricky balance, but that’s your assignment for today.

“Others may attempt to micro-manage due to feeling out of control or not wanting to deal with emotions. Hold your ground with compassion.” – Dipali Desai

The Moon aspect Pluto in Capricorn means we’re still clearing out emotional traumas so we can move forward, especially in our occupations. Watch for more emotional eruptions a la Moon, Jupiter and Uranus.

Let me tell you, at this point in my inner work, most of my buried traumas are coming from past lives, some of which seem to be pretty horrendous. I suspect living as a witch or intuitive in authoritarian patriarchal times before feminism started making progress… has a lot to do with my inner emotional turmoil.

I told my boyfriend this morning I need to get that stuff processed or it will destroy me. I suspect this is the time; otherwise, why would it be surfacing? Hopefully I have time today to find quality resources to help with clearing these traumas, and give it the attention it needs.

As far as jobs, careers and occupations go, Mars squaring Saturn will put pressure on you to move forward and build the future you want. The last quarter moon is a good opportunity to reaffirm your vision and intentions.

But as we become aware of how we’re not quite living up to our dreams, we might feel a little sad. As if we needed that too!

So it’s going to be a dark, little jagged road for a while.

Don’t forget to honor your feelings, take notice of how you’ve been oppressed, suppressed or harmed, then create a new story and look for new opportunities to heal those divisions.

Alright, let’s do this – patiently, steadily, relentlessly, and as inspired. Here we go.

[Sun in Capricorn, Libra Moon in Jupiter, Jupiter in Libra, Moon aspects Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Mercury quintile Jupiter, Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius complete a square, Mars Square Saturn early tomorrow; Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces]

Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish, is a healthy vegan mama living in the Pacific Northwest. Her life mission involves researching the esoteric arts, guiding souls along their awakening path, and contributing to a world of humans doing what they love. She’s available for readings and counseling, and would love to be your friend on social media.