Daily Astro: January 14, 2017 {On Releasing The Past}

I don’t know about you but for me, those seemingly random memories from the past are still popping up.

Image by: hellyeahsucculents
Image by: hellyeahsucculents

The suspect is probably Saturn Chiron square, and its inherent self-punishing over-sensitivity and agonizing over the past… energies.

Whether they’re pleasant memories or not so pleasant, they’re surfacing so I can let them go and move forward into new things, sun-in-Capricorn, Saturnian style.

Here’s my technique for letting past circumstances go:

  • Accept that it happened.
  • Note how it made me feel.
  • Feel proud if I responded admirably.
  • If I reacted shamefully or feel embarrassed, remind myself I’m a different person now.
  • Replay the scene except this time with me making better decisions or taking different actions. {Note: This is how you can change the past, since reality occurs primarily in the mind, which can have profound effects on the present.}
  • Thank and bless the past circumstance, then set it free.

Soul Path Astrologist Ruth Hadikin posted a constructive quote this morning concerning Chiron:

“An important part of the healing process of Chiron involves the art of bearing with ourselves as we go through what we need to experience, finding ways of neither escalating nor denying the process.” – Melanie Reinhart

In other news, you can expect exciting new insights or inspirations today. It’s a great day to jump on opportunities or be receptive to new, advantageous resources, even if they’re not perfect. Tell any self-doubts that arise to take a hike!

This ties in perfectly with the tarot card that showed up for me this morning: The 9 of Pentacles Reversed: Void or abort a project if necessary {not necessarily permanently} in order to act at once on an inspired innovation.

Astrologist Anne Ortelee says that Mercury parallel Pluto asks you to make a firm commitment to something transformative, profound, life-altering, enlightening.

But watch out for overspending or going overboard. And we’ve still got all of those planets hanging out in Pisces, so stay grounded and keep your head in the game.

When the moon goes void later, you might want to do the same, taking a break from… you know, all of that life stuff.

I’ll be missing in action tomorrow as I’ll be doing an online virtual retreat with Carolyn Elliott called The Saturn Game. And let me tell you, I’m hella excited. I’ve got my journal, index cards and the colored pens my daughter loaned me all set out and ready to help me nail down the year 2017. See you Monday. Muah!

[Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Leo trine Saturn, sextile Jupiter, then goes void, Mercury parallel Pluto, Venus parallel Jupiter; Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Image by: hellyeahsucculents]

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