Crystal Profiles: Desert Rose To Clear Energy Blocks

Desert Rose from Ooh! Stone
Desert Rose from Ooh! Stone


Clear Energy Flow, Protection, Emotional Balance

Because Desert Rose doesn’t look like a typical crystal, I wasn’t expecting its high energy vibrations. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful crystals I’ve encountered.

As I held it in my palm while meditating, I not only felt its energy in my hand, but I also felt a vibrating ring around my head at the level of my Third Eye Chakra. Since Desert Rose is a form of Selenite, this wasn’t too surprising.

Desert Rose is the go-to stone for mental and intuitive clarity, and that’s exactly what I experienced. This is an excellent stone to meditate with before making important life or business decisions, or when you feel confused or unsure about a situation.

It’s said to be a gentle grounding crystal. Desert Rose can quickly clear stagnant energy; the end result is a state of serenity, a clear vision for your life, and a solid feeling that all is well.

Desert Rose,
Desert Rose,

Metaphysical Properties: Desert Rose can be used to quickly clear stagnant energy, enter a state of deep peace, heal a relationship conflict, clear the mind, “see” your life purpose, provide a sense of safety, security, and feeling cared for, and protection from Mother Earth. Some use Desert Rose or Selenite in a crystal grid to protect the home environment. It can also be used for astral travel, to access past and parallel lives, and for dream recall.

Physical Properties: Desert Rose is useful for deep relaxation, calming mood swings or susceptibility to weather changes, skin conditions, inflammation, pain and regeneration of tissues.

Warnings: Gypsum specimens can be damaged in water; do not place in water or in wet environments such as a bathroom.

Chakras: Root, Third Eye, Crown, Higher Chakras

Energy Vibration: 8

Mohrs Hardness Scale: 3

Composed Of: Hydrated Calcium Sulfate

Crystal Family: Sulfate

Other Names: Sand Rose, Selenite Rose, Rose Rock, Gypsum, Gypsum Rose

Disclaimer: Use caution when using crystals for healing or energy work. Listen to your mind, body and emotions for feedback. Understanding crystal properties ensures they work according to their intended purpose, and can avoid harm through misalignment.
Elizabeth, also known as Intuitive Fish, is a healthy vegan mama living in the Pacific Northwest. Her life mission involves researching the esoteric arts, guiding souls along their awakening path, and contributing to a world of humans doing what they love. She’s available for readings and counseling, and would love to be your friend on social media.