Tarot: The Fool {How To Let Go}

The Fool by Shadowscapes, The Wild Unknown, Mary-el Tarot and Linestrider, intuitivefish.com

Tarot The Fool, intuitivefish.com

Carefree and Childlike, Authenticity, Inevitability

Remember back when you were a wee thing and you didn’t know how to walk, talk or feed yourself? You weren’t sure which way your arms were going to swing or which sounds would protrude from your vocal chords?

Those were the good ol’ days, weren’t they? As long as you had a caretaker, you didn’t have to worry about money, the in-laws and political elections. You could just be yourself, a baby.

This is the primary message of The Fool. The message is that the collective reality is out of your control. Whatever is going to happen, good or bad, is going to happen. And there isn’t much you can do about it.

So you might as well let go of perceptions of control and flow with the universe. This is the best way to make soul-inspired, authentic decisions anyway.

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Tarot: 2 of Cups {How To Attract A Soul-Union}

2 of Cups from Shadowscapes, Paulina Cassidy, Wildwood Tarot and Deviant Moon Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Tarot 2 of Cups, intuitivefish.com

Soul-union, Friendship, Passion, Making Love

The 2 of Cups is basically love in action. It’s the coming together or meeting of two souls in the physical realm through tangible action.

This could mean a simple kind act, an act of hospitality, a platonic friendship, or a deeply passionate and committed love affair.

This presents a wide range of possibilities. We’d probably like to know which one the 2 of Cups is referring to. But this card offers us no such luxury.

The only factors we know for sure about the 2 of Cups is that there’s a consensual attraction in this soul-union. And it is a welcomed, beautiful treasure. There’s nothing of a curse in this card, only favor.

Golden Dawn defines this card as:

“Harmony born of a deep and abiding wisdom. A marriage in the Visible or Invisible World as an expression of harmony, plenty.”

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Tarot: 6 of Cups {How To Enjoy A Simple Life}

6 of Cups by Phantomwise Tarot, Dali Universal Tarot, Stella's Tarot and Thoth Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Tarot 6 of Cups, intuitivefish.com

Appreciation For Art, Beauty and Above All, Nature; Living A Simple, Country Life; Memories of the Past or Future

It’s time to get back to the childlike joy of the simple life – enjoying fine, natural pleasures.

In order to experience the beauty of life, connect with your own beauty and bliss. Fortunately, we all possess inner bliss, but we’re not always consciously connected to it.

When you accept your inner riches of creativity and sensuality, your external reality begins to reflect the same.

The 6 of Cups is all about enjoying nature, rustic pleasures and natural luxury in the form of art, music, film, good food and good company. A visit to an elegant cafe, wine bar and the art gallery might be in order. Or maybe you’re being called to live in a cabin in the woods with a claw-foot bathtub and wood-burning stove….

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that enjoying life and nature is what we’re here for, especially when we’re surrounded by cement buildings, factories, artificial food and people, and the challenges they present.

Haunting memories or mere fantasies can also rob of us our inner well-being. Instead of longing for something of the past or in the future, you can be present wherever you find yourself, noticing the simple beauty and ease of life therein. Presence is the code for eternal bliss.

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Tarot: Ace of Pentacles {How To Create Your Dreams}

Ace of Pentacles by Artist Unknown [If you know the name of this artist, please contact me], Universal Wirth Tarot, Robin Wood Tarot and wintersmagic at Deviant Art, intuitivefish.com

Tarot's Ace of Pentacles, intuitivefish.com

Creative Energy, Wealth Consciousness, A New Prosperous Life Era

You’re not exactly sure how you’re going to achieve your dream. You don’t yet know all the details. You only know that you’ll attain it and that you deserve to attain it.

This very energy of expectation is what causes a thing to happen. That energy is the Ace of Pentacles.

It symbolizes external bliss or success as a result of the same internal reality.  

External success is empty without also feeling fulfilled on a soul level. This is why it’s so important to manifest and produce what you naturally love and feel passionate about.

Sometimes just seeing this card in a reading sparks your inner knowing that your creative dreams can be accomplished.

Other times, it’s a reminder that we naturally manifest what we focus on. That’s how our inherent creative energies work in everyday reality.

The Ace of Pentacles is a good omen any way you look at it, even if it’s reversed. Promise and new prospects are written all over this card. The time is now to make your creative venture a reality.

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Tarot: Death {How To Conquer Death}

Death by Thoth Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Wildwood Tarot and Ananda Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Tarot's Death Card, How To Conquer Death, intuitivefish.com

Impermanence, Corruption, End, Giving Birth To A New Idea Or Creation

When we think of death, we commonly forget the new birth that inevitably goes along with it. Death in one realm means the beginning of life in another.

Energy consciousness cannot die. But we collectively express ourselves through ever-changing experiences formed from a defined set of parameters, also known as our thoughts, or awareness.

We assume that transformation involves a painful death of some kind. But not always. Sometimes it evokes a beautiful, smooth and welcoming transition from one state or perspective to another. In a sense, we die every night at the end of a day, only to wake up brand new in the morning.

We experience all kinds of deaths throughout our lifetimes. Death isn’t a foreign concept but a healthy, natural experience.

Some traditional meanings of Tarot’s Death card define death as fertility, or the perpetual creation of material form which is born from thought.

Could this mean that focusing on the beauty of the new makes letting go of the old equally beautiful? Or maybe there’s no such thing as actual loss – only changing experiences.

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Tarot: Queen of Cups {How To Ensure Success}

Queens of Cups by Shadowscapes, Thelema Tarot, Crystal Visions and Thoth Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Tarot Queen of Cups, How To Ensure Success, intuitivefish.com

Success, A Wise, Intelligent, and Prosperous Woman, Mother Earth

The Queen of Cups is one of the most favorable tarot cards to draw in a reading especially concerning your occupation or reputation.

This Queen, whether you or a feminine energy in your life, calculates her path forward and knows how to act with responsible, nurturing care to achieve it.

She’s practical, down-to-earth and she utilizes efficient minimalism, but she doesn’t suppress her intelligence, or her inner inspirations.

Instead, she uses practical wisdom to allow her soul to expand and shine in and through the physical realm, also known as the world. We’re not talking about only money-making success. We’re talking about deeply fulfilling pleasure, abundance, and thriving in both body and soul.

Whether this is you, a feminine influence or Mother Earth, you would do well to stay connected to her.

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Tarot: 8 of Pentacles {How To Do Your Work}

8 of Pentacles by Thoth, Lumina Tarot, The Wild Unknown and Paulina Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Tarot 8 of Pentacles, intuitivefish.com

Above Average Mental Ability or Artistic Skill, Inspired Work, An Artisan

If you’re considering a conventional corporate job or some type of factory work, this is not your card. The 8 of Pentacles is anything but that.

This card is a message to stand strong on your unique and original expertise in world that pressures you to sacrifice it. It could have something to do with researching the esoteric arts, or working in a grassroots organization to help others, or just standing on your non-conforming inner knowing.

There’s still an element of sacrifice in this card. You might make a lot less money, or need to give up a certain reputation. But the sacrifices mean very little compared to the creative and savvy inner drive which inspires you.

Whatever is your unconventional knowledge and skill, you’ll need some guts to stick with it, and to stay focused on quality over quantity.

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Tarot: 7 of Swords {How To Conquer Obstacles}

7 of Swords by Starchild Tarot, Fountain Tarot, Thoth Tarot and Shadowscapes, intuitivefish.com

Tarot 7 of Swords, intuitivefish.com

Understanding The Work Ahead, Conquering Obstacles, Dissolving Conflict

I think A.E. Thierens got it right when he described the 7 of Swords as:

“Understanding of practical and material obstacles, and of the work to be done.”

An obstacle can be anything from illness, poverty, or a relationship conflict, to material illusions and false self-identities.

While some of us fail and some of us succeed in achieving our life mission, the 7 of Swords has a happy ending for those who encounter this card: As long as we take responsibility, it promises success in overcoming obstacles, and victory in overcoming conflict.

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Tarot: Ace of Wands {How To Start Something New}

Ace of Wands by Unknown Artist [Please contact me if you know the name of this deck], The Wild Unknown, Druidcraft Tarot, and Shadowscapes, intuitivefish.com

Tarot Ace of Wands, How To Start Something New, intuitivefish.com

Accepting Limitations, A Creative Impulse, Something Innovative and New

One of the most difficult challenges for the soul is accepting the limitations of the body.

It requires hard work to earn a living. It takes time to get places. Dishes must be washed. The body must be cared for. We need to listen and communicate with others. Caution must be exercised around danger.

On the other hand, there’s a certain revelation that occurs when a soul finally does accept physical limitations and constraints, and uses them to do something new and creative. This is also the meaning of the Ace of Wands.

It’s about accepting the rules of the game but also playing the game from the heart, with guidance from the soul and higher aspirations. It’s about a beautiful new synthesis between the higher realms and the lower dimensions, between limitation and expansion.

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