Tarot: 9 of Swords {How To Lighten Up}

9 of Swords by Pierpont Morgan Bergamo, Illuminati Tarot, Thoth and Crystal Visions, intuitivefish.com

Tarot 9 of Swords, intuitivefish.com

Rigid Attitudes and Beliefs, Being Judgmental, Intolerant, Religious or Meticulous

The best thing we can say about this card is that it might indicate a priest or monk, or someone who is conscientious, or precise, meticulous, or punctual. But more likely we’re talking about extreme self-denial of material pleasures, asceticism or rigid beliefs.

Of course, if one person feels they can’t enjoy the pleasures of life, they aren’t going to be too happy with those who do. This is often when being judgmental comes into play, and we all know how it feels to be irrationally and unreasonably judged by others.

How easy it is for our mind to think we hold the truth and everyone else is wrong. This is just a self-sabotaging defense mechanism that keeps us from enjoying intimacy with others and life itself.

Sure, there’s risk involved by opening ourself up to different perspectives, people and experiences. We still need to exercise caution. But the only way to make it through life is to maintain a loose grip.

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Tarot: The World {How To Achieve The Ultimate Bliss}

The World by The Black Ibis Tarot, Artist Unknown [Please contact me if you know the name of this artist], Rider-Waite-Smith and The World Spirit Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Tarot The World, How To Achieve The Ultimate Bliss, intuitivefish.com

Liberation, The Authentic Self, Ultimate Bliss

The world in this case alludes to the universe more than a planet, such as Earth, which is born from the cosmos. But it includes Earth too.

In fact, we can take it even further to understand that the physical universe is a result of pure etheric energy. And that’s really what we’re talking about here.

The World is the “return” to our source after we’ve experienced the limitations, challenges and adventures of physical evolution.

This card is both literal and metaphorical, as it pertains to both the microcosm and the macrocosm. Like coming out of some bodily affliction, we feel blissfully liberated when the shackles of false identities are removed, and we’re free to be ourself.

As a matter of fact, returning to the authentic self, and experiencing genuine soul connections from that state, is the highest bliss to be had. 

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Tarot: The Chariot {How To Cooperate With Others}

The Chariot by Bonifacio Bembo for Visconti-Sforza Family, Tarot of the Angels, [Artist Unknown] and Mystic Faerie Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Tarot The Chariot, intuitivefish.com

Collaboration, Partnership, Synergy, Balance

We all know that balance is vital for well-being, good health and our personal evolution. But putting it into practice is a whole different story.

The Chariot is commonly assumed to represent will power, controlled strength, or determination. But we’re never given a solution for attaining these. The answer is: balance. And this is really what the card is about.

We can find the theme of balance throughout existence: balance between the male and female sexes, balance of self and others, and balance between spirit and matter.

Both desirable and undesirable experiences are what they are. Both types of encounters help us evolve into more intelligent, passionate and authentic beings. As much as we’d like to think otherwise, one experience or perspective isn’t better than the other, and each can be appreciated for the role it plays in the whole scheme of things.

When polarities are balanced, favorable energy naturally flows.

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Tarot: The Tower {How To Get Through Hard Times}

The Tower by Legacy of the Divine Tarot, The Fairy Tale Tarot, Druid Craft Tarot, and The Labyrinth Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Tarot The Tower, How To Get Through Hard Times, intuitivefish.com

Disillusionment, Awakening, Renewal

“Heaven is not content with a body of fixed dimensions and form, nor any heavenly force with the limitations put to it by physical authorities or architects.” – A.E. Thierens

The Tower is one of those cards notorious for some type of misery or catastrophe. But thankfully there’s a happy ending.

Whatever the crisis, it’s intended to awaken us to the fact that temporary, material things are unreliable. They come with faults, weaknesses, or problems. Or they don’t always work.

Therefore, we can’t lean our full weight upon them. The material realm appears solid, stable and permanent. But just when we think our possessions and physical relationships can keep us healthy, whole and safe, something goes wrong. You can count on it!

It’s time to become disillusioned and disenchanted with something material you’ve trusted for security. It’s time instead to trust and follow your intuitive higher knowing, and know that no matter what happens from the physical perspective, your eternal soul is a whole different story.

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Tarot: The Hermit {How To Stay True To Your Ideals}

The Hermit by Lotus Tarot, Victoria Frances, azurylipfe on deviantART and Rider-Waite-Smith, intuitivefish.com

Tarot's The Hermit, intuitivefish.com

Staying True To Your Personal Ideals In A World That Forces You To Compromise Them, Being Authentic

The human is continuously bombarded with information, disinformation and artificial intelligence competing to control the human mind. If the mind can be controlled, so can the human.

How do we take back and retain the power of our own free-will thoughts and therefore, our life? The answer is The Hermit.

The first idea that comes to mind with The Hermit is solitude. While seclusion certainly is a theme, it doesn’t completely convey the ancient hidden truth of the Hermit.

The energy of The Hermit is awareness – waking up to the real reality, as well as welcoming and guiding others to do the same. Conscious awareness simultaneously shields and protects you from the powers of darkness {manipulation and ignorance} as you stay true to your values.

How does one become aware? By measuring information with your values and life mission. Does it empower you to create the life you know you want and deserve? Does it inspire you to explore new adventures? Does it make you feel alive? Does it also benefit others and spark genuine relationships? If yes, you’ve been enlightened to the universal creative force also known as The Hermit.

But be prepared to stand alone – betrayed and abandoned – in a world controlled by fear and confusion. Your Guides, Masters, Guardian Angel and other Hermits who have done their inner work will be there to help you. But no one else can take the place of developing discernment, determining your own thoughts, and learning to make your own free-will decisions to create your experiences.

If you’ve genuinely discovered the magnificent creative power within, you’ll know that being a lone ranger is worth the sacrifice and really isn’t a sacrifice at all. But it does require a rare confidence and courage to stay true to yourself.

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Tarot: 5 The Hierophant {How To Live From The Heart}

The Hierophant by Paulina Tarot, Starchild Tarot, Starchild Tarot and Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn, intuitivefish.com

Tarot The Hierophant, intuitivefish.com

The Heart, Aspirations, A Natural Authority

Many a persecuted tarot reader has cringed at the sight of The Hierophant tarot card in a reading. It traditionally represents the Pope or Patriarch.

Thankfully, there’s a deeper significance to The Hierophant, as with all things.

A.E. Thierens tell us The Hierophant is in fact a ruler. But this metaphorical sovereign rules by the law of the heart, or practical intuition. Papus calls this “divine intelligence.”

The Hierophant “rules” the way the sun rules planet Earth. It’s similar to a portal for higher, concentrated energy Source to flow to its accompanying planets and give life to all inhabitants within its solar system – just like the function of the human heart sustains each of the body’s internal organs.

Put another way, our dynamic heart center is the point at which our spirit gives birth to our physical experiences – through every in and out breath. Sometimes we’re conscious of this beautiful and vital occurrence which manifests as aspirations. But many people take their intuitive inspirations for granted, or suppress them in order to fit in with the crowd.

Is The Hierophant a benevolent or malevolent ruler? Because he symbolizes the macrocosm of the human heart which provides life to the whole body, we can assume he’s benevolent indeed.

But the kind and loving provisions of The Hierophant must have a clear connection with his subjects in order for them to enjoy his benefits. In other words, the heart must be open.

Fear, insecurity and dishonesty can block the universal flow of beauty and goodness to our conscious reality. This doesn’t automatically indicate the human heart is evil. It only means we’ve got some clogged arteries.

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Tarot: Page of Cups {How To Flow With Change}

Page of Cups by Gilded Tarot, Paulina Tarot, Tarot Noir and Tarot of the Hidden Realm, intuitivefish.com

Tarot Page of Cups, How To Flow With Change, intuitivefish.com

Changes or Surprises, An Emotional Message, Invitation or Proposal, An Unpredictable Relationship

You might receive a text, message or phone call from the Page of Cups. Or perhaps this person spontaneously shows up in your life.

Their message might make you feel pretty good. It might be filled with love or just plain ol’ good news. Or someone amiable might send you an invitation, or even ask you to marry them.

It might be a friendly or light-hearted message, or maybe it’s intellectually entertaining. Or all of the above. There’s no doubt you’re hooked, but you’re not sure what to do about it.

Unfortunately, this Page falls out of affection just as easily as they fall into it. But all is not lost. There might be a happy or not so happy ending. It’s not time to know that just yet.

But we do know that this message or messenger showed up in your life to help you learn how to let go of expectations and flow with unexpected changes.
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Tarot: 5 of Wands {How To Achieve Your Goals}

5 of Wands by Starchild Tarot, Tarot of the Magical Forest, Fantastical Creatures Tarot, and Shadowscapes, intuitivefish.com

Tarot 5 of Wands, How To Achieve Your Goals, intuitivefish.com

Soul Passion, A Persuasive Speech, A Hot Debate

Usually the 5 of Wands is perceived as “contention” but its esoteric astrological influence has a slightly different take on this.

Yes, this card resides in the House of Fire, and it also possesses a masculine active energy in the number five. Any time you have fire, you’re going to get something hot, such as a hot debate or hot desires.

But it’s also from the suit of Wands which speaks of higher intelligence, intuition, communication, magic, change and alteration….

As A.E. Thierens explains, in order to achieve any goal such as material wealth or even love, we need some sort of force to push us toward it. We need a combination of intelligence and will-power. This is the magic of the 5 of Wands.

Now what happens when your heart begins to lead your life in a world that suppresses soul desires and intuition? That’s right, you find yourself in conflict and struggle, then fall easily into the insecurity of egotistical traps.

This could result in “contention” as modern card meanings assume, but not necessarily so; in fact, we find much more beneficial passion in the 5 of Wands than conflict.

What does this mean? The advice in this card is to follow your soul passions even when they get you in trouble. If you can trust your intuition and allow your good heart to lead, you’ll eventually reach your objectives. 

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Tarot: 7 of Pentacles {How To Find True Friends}

7 of Pentacles by Housewives Tarot, Sacred India Tarot, Shadowscapes and Artist Unknown [If you know the name of this artist, please contact me], intuitivefish.com

Tarot's 7 of Pentacles, intuitivefish.com

Friendships, Social Network or Community, Profitable Collaboration

It’s a “dog eat dog” world, so the popular saying goes. How can we find true, genuine relationships is a world of advertising, brutal competition and heartless conformity?

It’s in the realization that every sentient being in existence is interrelated. Therefore, we’re social creatures by nature. We experience our highest bliss by living and working together.

The only way to create and enjoy a healthy community is to contribute to one. Sharing your own creative skills, informed intelligence, generosity and kindness, as well as your authentic self naturally results in receiving the same, by karmic law.

Living in a society of refined, high-quality and functional products, services and loving relationships requires each of us to contribute and value exactly that. This is the primary thrust of the 7 of Pentacles.

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