Astrology Zodiac Signs: Taurus {Money and Security}

Every sign in the zodiac represents an aspect of yourself, even if you don’t have any planets in that house. Understanding your zodiac sign at birth allows you to be more authentic. Understanding the zodiac sign of others expands your acceptance and celebration of diversity. This naturally creates a better world for us all.

Taurus Zodiac Sign, Money and Security,

Taurus: Material Desire, Money and Security, Enlightenment

Evolved Traits: Devoted, reliable, practical, steady, down to earth, law-abiding, placid, composed, easygoing, long-suffering, patient, warm-hearted, loving, polite, pleasant, amiable, cultured and refined, sensual, values comfort, persistent, determined

Challenging Traits: Fake, shallow, people-pleasers, smothering, possessive, boring, lacking intelligence, afraid of loss and lack, materialistic, greedy, hoarding, miserly, frugal, self-indulgent, resentful, obstinate, needs time to assimilate something new

Taurus by Yuhon
Zodiac Sign: Taurus by Yuhon. Click here to buy the print.

Meet Taurus The Zodiac Sign

The evolved Taurus is the steady, tenacious worker who ensures their loved ones have food, clothing, and shelter, and that their material needs are met. A secure and stable home is imperative for Taurus.

But they’re flexible with the plans of others, poised and harmonious. They have no problem getting along with just about everyone, at least on the surface. They’re happiest when they’re entertaining loved ones.

Taurus has a refined eye for art, nature, and all things beautiful, especially as it concerns their home. They thrive on creating beauty, such as through music, poetry and paintings.

Eventually, the desire for material possessions develops into a passion for spiritual illumination. When their third eye is open, they devote their lives to helping and cultivating other people. Before that, they tend to focus more on things.

Lady of Taurus by MeganeRid
Lady of Taurus by MeganeRid

If Taurus still has some inner work to do, they might be a little stubborn about getting their material needs and wants. This is the money sign of the zodiac. If they don’t marry for money, they’ll marry for the security that marriage and family can provide.

They tend to place too much emphasis on physical possessions – including their loved ones – for a sense of safety and protection. They might neglect the cultivation of their intellect to appear more attractive to someone who can provide security. The kind and happy demeanor, humor and beauty of an unevolved Taurus can be boring, shallow or superficial.

The undermining fear of lack and loss drives them to smother and spoil their loved ones, and sacrifice themselves to keep everyone else happy. Of course, this plan usually backfires, and this is why they can also be so uptight and irascible.

The fear of not having enough money to cover needs can lead to hoarding or perpetually storing up for the proverbial “rainy day.” Or, maybe they just need some instant gratification to fill the void in their soul.

Planets In Taurus

When the sun is in Taurus from April 21st to May 20th , or when strategic planets are in Taurus either in your chart or the sky,  you might feel a strong need for a secure, material foundation in your life. This could be in the form of a comfortable home, a committed relationship, established wealth, and so on.

But an awakened Taurus doesn’t want a bunch of cheap stuff that will fall apart. The evolved Taurus thrives on people and things of quality, refined art and creativity – things of value. You’re not only drawn to physical beauty, but to things and people that make you feel blissful and tranquil on a soul level.

On the other hand, if you’re not centered, your fear of loss might cause you to become clingy, or painfully desirous of money, possessions and glamor, or get stuck in empty pursuits.

“Why did the flower fade?

I clutched it to my heart in excess of feeling and crushed it.

Why did the lamp go out?

I shielded it with my cloak and it got no air.” – Rabindranath Tagore

The Challenge

Taurus Zodiac Symbol,
Taurus Zodiac Symbol,

In order to stay centered and enjoy life’s continuous changes, a foundation is needed. A tangible foundation allows you to explore new adventures, push limits, and take necessary risks to create fulfilling experiences.

The problem for Taurus, however, is that they long for security so much, they easily sacrifice their true desires for something seemingly safe.

Whether it’s a mundane job, a mediocre relationship, or striving to uphold the status quo, so-called security can easily become a noose around the neck.

The Taurus challenge is to channel material desires into higher soul aspirations and intellectual pursuits. 

The Victory

Contrary to popular belief, inner fulfillment is at the heart of establishing concrete, material security. It’s tempting to get that backwards.

We think physical relationships and possessions make us wealthy and content. But material comfort – however that might look to you personally – is only a reflection of your inner reality.

If you’re surrounded by stable people and things that you love and adore, it’s because you love and adore your own self. Your inner magnetism, intuition and higher logic naturally drew them into your life. This means that awareness and soul cultivation is where real security is found, both spiritually and materially.

The lesson for Taurus is: Become blissfully fulfilled within yourself; then secure relationships and possessions naturally flow to you.

Birthdate: {Approximately} April 21st to May 20th

Planetary Rulers: Venus, Vulcan

Elements: Fixed, Earth

Opposite Sign: Scorpio

Bodily Organs: Throat, Cerebellum

Illness: Illnesses due to inertia or overindulgence in food and alcohol

Symbols: The Bull, First Serpent Power (Other Serpent Powers are Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), The All-seeing Eye or The Eye of Illumination

Colors: Blue, Rose, Pink

Numerology: 6

Tarot Card: The High Priestess, The Star

Career Potential: Public Servant, Healer, Artist, Poet, Musician, Home Decorator, Hospitality Manager

Love Compatibility: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio


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