Astrology Zodiac Signs: Libra {Relationships}

Every sign in the zodiac represents an aspect of yourself, even if you don’t have any planets in that house. Understanding your zodiac sign at birth allows you to be more authentic. Understanding the zodiac sign of others expands your acceptance and celebration of diversity. This naturally creates a better world for us all.

Libra Zodiac Sign, Relationships,

Libra: Law and Judgement, Relationships, Universal Harmony

Evolved Traits: Polite, tactful, calm, conscientious, unbiased, balanced, logical, truth-seekers, communicative, friendly, harmonious, accommodating, social, outgoing, affectionate, romantic, charming, refined, artistic, stylish

Challenging Traits: Indecisive, commitment-phobic, avoidant of difficult issues, apathetic, superficial, overly concerned with appearance, approval-seekers, overly compromising, easily manipulated, resentful, secretive, self-indulgent

Zodiac Sign: Libra by Yuhon.
Zodiac Sign: Libra by Yuhon. Click here to buy the print.

Meet Libra The Zodiac Sign

The evolved Libra understands that the world is created by thought. So they use thought to create their reality.

If you could form anything you wanted with your beliefs, what would you create? That’s right, beautiful things, beautiful relationships and beautiful ideas. This is an awakened, social and outgoing Libra, in a nutshell.

This is why they’re so meticulously creative and particular about their clothes, their houses, their partners, their words, and even their dancing. When their surroundings are in order, balanced, and appealing, so is their thought life.

Without soft things, politeness, refined minimalism, and a tranquil environment, their sensitive thoughts become easily overwhelmed, and so does their reality.

This is when we unexpectedly meet cruel Libra who tends to judge wrongly and ruthlessly. They’re forever searching for a partner, yet they never find one because they’re so critical.

But Libra never goes to any serious extremes. Their cruelty, no less cruel, is expressed by running away from difficult issues as well as holding their tongue – okay, they basically lie – in order to keep the peace.

But their avoidance and fake quietude does nothing to balance the delicate eco-system of their very own mind. In fact, it evokes the opposite. Others almost involuntarily find themselves treating sweet, agreeable Libra in malevolent ways, to balance all of that pseudo kindness.

Of course, this is too much for sensitive Libra, who has no problem abandoning the pain of love, and resenting anyone who tries to get past their secretive, defensive shell.

Planets In Libra

When the sun is in Libra from September 23rd to October 22nd, or when strategic planets are in Libra, either in the sky or in your birth chart, you might be drawn to aesthetics, or be inspired to make your house or clothes appealing.

Or you might want to get out and about, as long as it’s to a calm, quiet and orderly environment.

If you can’t find this space, you might consider designing and creating one. It’s also a perfect time for meditation, contemplation or socializing with a loved one in that space of serenity.

On the other hand, you might have a difficult time making up your mind with all the viable options out there.

Or you could find yourself easily manipulated or harshly judging others, especially if you’re not finding the balance, tranquility or refinement you crave.

The Challenge

Libra Zodiac Symbol,
Libra Zodiac Symbol,

What Libra really wants is to unite with their opposite, in order to achieve balance. This is how they find their true self.

But the path back to self is through beauty and relationships. This is why Libra instinctively longs for both.

We find ourself through loving others because we intuitively know we all have the same core, underneath our diverse experiences and expressions. This core is our oneness.

Libra is the marriage sign of the zodiac, but true union can only come through opening the heart to love and creativity.

Yet, even though relationships are important to Libra, somehow they find themselves caught up in relationship drama and problems. They shut out or sabotage the very thing they long for, because they live in their head, rather than their heart.

The challenge for Libra is to open their heart in vulnerability to love, as well as develop their artistic sense in order to awaken to their authentic self and harmony with others. 

The Victory

Awakening to the true self and harmony with all, is the ultimate tranquility and bliss, also known as enlightenment, or still-point.

It’s that point we reach in between breaths during meditation. Another way to put it, it’s when we’re so in tune with our core self, we can intimately enjoy every diverse form and experience. It’s the perfect Libra balance – the balance between spirit and matter.

When Libra goes deep to discover their true self, they can finally be at peace in their center, and also with the world, no matter what is raging around them.

Conflict dissolves, and everything flows in harmony – like a musical masterpiece. The world becomes a paradise rather than a war-zone. This is how Libra restores universal peace on Earth.

The lesson for Libra is: Open your sensitive heart to love, pain and emotions in order to find your creativity, and to experience union with another, as well as the ultimate union with life itself.

Birthdate: September 23rd to October 22nd

Planetary Rulers: Venus, Saturn

Elements: Cardinal, Air

Opposite Sign: Aries

Physical Body: Kidneys,

Symbols: Balancing Scales of Justice, Wheel of the Law, Wheel of Karma, Wheel of Life

Numerology: 7

Tarot Card: Justice

Career Potential: Lawyer, Mediator, Diplomat

Relationship Compatibility: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Aries


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