Astrology Zodiac Signs: Leo {Creativity}

Every sign in the zodiac represents an aspect of yourself, even if you don’t have any planets in that house. Understanding your zodiac sign at birth allows you to be more authentic. Understanding the zodiac sign of others expands your acceptance and celebration of diversity. This naturally creates a better world for us all.

Leo Zodiac Sign, Creativity,

Leo: Self-Expression, Creativity, Creative Life Passion

Evolved Traits: Courageous, strong, confident, honest, direct, accomplished, impressive expansive, social, outgoing, free-spirited, energetic, warm, generous, heart-centered, passionate, faithful, dependable, self-realized, creative

Challenging Traits: Insecure, self-doubting, easily used, entitled, egotistical, narcissistic, arrogant, pretentious, patronizing, domineering, non-delegating, overdramatic, overbearing, destructive, childish, selfish, attached

Zodiac Sign: Leo by Yuhon.
Zodiac Sign: Leo by Yuhon. Click here to buy the print.

Meet Leo The Zodiac Sign

When you’re near an evolved Leo, you feel energized because they’re so good at having fun and enjoying the moment. In fact, they’re good at everything they set out to accomplish, which can make others a little jealous.

Their success seems to lie on a balance between stability and spontaneity, not to mention their long list of likeable traits.

The royal Leo is enthusiastic, spirited and so larger than life, they seem to expand outside of their physical body. If you can’t find Leo, just go to front, center stage. They come alive in front of an audience.

They’re natural born performers and leaders due to their extroverted charisma, unmatched self-belief, and their innate ability to dazzle.

With an abhorrence for mediocrity, Leo knows they’ve got a special destiny. It usually involves some kind of artistic talent. This is the case even if they’re the owner of a large corporation. How do you think they landed that power position without a boatload of creativity?

Leo’s obvious downfall is their insatiable need to be seen, validated and adored – worshipped even – even if they pretend otherwise.

What if they don’t get the attention they crave? Well, they’ll happily take control of a situation until they do. Or, they’ll go wherever they can find a front row of ego-feeders. Leo needs that spotlight.

Planets In Leo

When the sun is in Leo approximately every July 23rd to August 22nd, or when strategic planets are in Leo, either in the sky or in your birth chart, you might find it a little easier to push through your doubts and fears, and put yourself out there.

Or you might feel inspired to discover and cultivate your talents.

On the other hand, you might also feel self-absorbed or needy for attention, or succumb to worshipping celebrities, instead of developing your own success.

The Challenge

Leo Zodiac Symbol,
Leo Zodiac Symbol,

Leo’s challenge is the hero’s journey. Leo is called to an adventure, where they creatively face excruciating tests and challenges straight on. This process is how they discover and learn to believe in their gifts.

After Leo navigates through their challenges, they naturally prove themselves to the world. They no longer care so much what others think about them. They found their bliss not in recognition for their accomplishments, but by expressing their unique self through creative work.

Any successful person will tell you that it’s not the reward that’s so fulfilling. It’s the fulfilling work which is done to get the reward.

If you focus on the destination rather than the journey, you’ll never reach the destination. In fact, the journey is the destination, because we’re always in the here and now. The future is an illusion.

Degrees, paychecks, awards and retirement feel empty without the confident knowing that these rewards are deserved.

And sometimes the honor never arrives. But Leo attained a higher reward: the satisfaction of engaging in their creative passion.

The challenge for Leo is to let go of the pursuit of fame, and master egotistical impulses in order to discover their unique, creative passion through life challenges. 

The Victory

In the artist’s zone or zero-point energy, time and space no longer exist. Leo is so intently involved in the details of their heart-centered work, that it feels as though time and distance don’t exist.

In fact, Leo seems to no longer exist because the self is lost in their art.

As Leo flows with the universe, they’re free to follow their spontaneous soul inspirations which take them above and beyond themselves. They meet their soul by entering the portal of their heart. Leo becomes what they’re passion about.

When Leo discovers the thing that excites them, they discover their natural-born courage, as well as their audience or community – because it’s all intertwined.

Leo naturally magnetizes people who are also dedicated to the same field of interest. This is how support and inspiration seem to magically appear just when they’re needed.

The lesson for Leo is: By focusing on and expressing your true self, rather than what others think of you or expect of you, others can appreciate and enjoy the benefits of your authentic creativity. 

Birthdate: July 23rd to August 22nd

Planetary Rulers: The Sun

Elements: Fixed, Fire

Opposite Sign: Aquarius

Bodily Organs: Heart, Spine

Symbols: Lion, Solar Logos or Soul of All Life

Numerology: 5

Tarot Card: Strength

Career Potential: Performing Artist

Relationship Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius


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