Astrology Zodiac Signs: Capricorn {Career Success}

Every sign in the zodiac represents an aspect of yourself, even if you don’t have any planets in that house. Understanding your zodiac sign at birth allows you to be more authentic. Understanding the zodiac sign of others expands your acceptance and celebration of diversity. This naturally creates a better world for us all.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign, Career Success,

Capricorn: Structure, Career Success, Self-Empowerment

Evolved Traits: Responsible, dependable, patient, realistic, highly self-disciplined, hard-working, non-quitters, practical, excellent time-managers, enterprising, calm and measured, confident, respectful of power, ambitious, capable of great success, comedic

Challenging Traits: Emotionally suppressed, overly conservative, cold, distant, isolated, weighed down, melancholic, prisoners of their own fears and desires, prone to addictions, materially ambitious, status-seeking, exploitative, controlling, vile

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn by Yuhon
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn by Yuhon. Click here to buy the print.

Meet Capricorn The Zodiac Sign

Evolved Capricorns make excellent life partners. They understand that all worthy achievements require deep, unwavering commitment, self-control, time management, dependability and the respect of limitations and boundaries.

Most of all, they realize that success in anything demands dogged determination to continuously better themselves.

Aspiration comes easy for Capricorn. In fact, they need a strategic aim in life, in order to be happy. The more challenging and difficult their objective, the better.

Their drive to establish something in the world is what makes an awakened Capricorn so accomplished and admirable, not to mention their intelligent, ironic humor.

But it isn’t necessarily financial success that Capricornians are after, although material security is important to them. They’re too realistic for that. They’d tell the rest of us – sarcastically, of course – that it isn’t money that brings happiness, but the deep satisfaction of achieving something – anythingthat makes life worthwhile. 

Before Capricorn has awakened to who they really are, love might be the last thing on their hard-working mind. That’s because love requires feelings; and to an unevolved Capricorn, feelings aren’t real.

Or are they?

Capricorn is also conforming, conventional and traditional. They’re drawn to histories, hierarchies, establishments, politics, corporations and governments. Because social institutions are patriarchal by nature, they tend to suppress the emotional, divine feminine in order to control the masses.

Yet, at some point, the weight of all of that responsibility and lonely, late night work becomes too much to carry for Capricorn. Controlled emotions become too overwhelming to ignore….

Planets In Capricorn

Capricorn is that time of the year – from December 22nd to January 20th – when you wake up one morning and remember you have adult responsibilities. You nearly forgot that fact in the last month of free-wheeling, travel-splurging Sagittarius.

Or maybe there are strategic planets in Capricorn, either in your birth chart or current planetary energies. You may find yourself moving step-by-step, realistically and efficiently toward your dreams, likely using conventional means. This works nicely with New Year’s resolutions, at least until Aquarius rolls around.

On the other hand, you might find buried emotions trying to come up for air. These emotions might not seem like a big deal, because we’re used to ignoring them in favor of the intellect and ambitions. But suppressed emotions work behind the scenes to hold you back in life.

If you can honor your feelings, and allow them to guide you, you’ll attain dreams you didn’t even know you had, or were afraid to desire, for fear of failure.

But if you continue rejecting your emotions, you might find yourself becoming a prisoner of your own fear and greed. This state can easily lead to vicious cruelty toward others, or despair.

The Challenge

Capricorn Zodiac Symbol,
Capricorn Zodiac Symbol,

The challenge for Capricorn is Karma.

All of that ambitious exploitation of others is bound to catch up with them – and it surely does, as the sun rises. The title of Capricorn’s lesson is “What goes around comes around.

Before the tenacious mountain climbing goat became the symbol for Capricorn, it was the crocodile, or makara.

Crocodiles use their powerful jaws and teeth to ruthlessly grab something on land, then pull it into the water – the water representing emotions. We could look at this scenario as Capricorn’s fate – both as the crocodile, and the prey.

The intention of Karma is to push Capricorn to pay attention to their raw feelings. Before they become sensitive to their own tender heart – and the feelings of others – their painstaking success is meaningless, or destructive.

The challenge for Capricorn is to allow their emotions to cleanse and release their karma, and balance ambition with sensitivity to others.

The Victory

Conscientious work done from the intuitive heart and soul naturally benefits everyone, including self; therefore, it’s the ultimate and only real life achievement.

Real power and authority isn’t attained through excruciating work, but through the most powerful energy force in existence, which is love – the love of life, self, others and the bliss of soul-fulfilling achievement.

This is this only true path to success. Many are the high-status men in power who have claimed it, but their profiteering exploitation betrays their own self.

The lesson for Capricorn is: Find genuine success by letting go of conventional expectations, and exploitation based on fear and greed; and instead follow the Great Guide called your heart and soul.

Birthdate: December 22nd to January 20th

Planetary Rulers: Saturn, Saturn

Mode and Element: Cardinal, Earth

Opposite Sign: Cancer

Physical Body: Skin, Knees, Joints, Skeletal System

Symbols: Crocodile, Mountain Goat, Unicorn

Numerology: 10 or 1

Tarot Card: The Devil or The World

Career Potential: Public Office, Business Developer, Trainer

Relationship Compatibility: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer


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