Astrology Zodiac Signs: Aries {The Self}

Every sign in the zodiac represents an aspect of yourself, even if you don’t have any planets in that house. Understanding your zodiac sign at birth allows you to be more authentic. Understanding the zodiac sign of others expands your acceptance and celebration of diversity. This naturally creates a better world for us all.

Aries Zodiac Sign, The Self,

Aries: New Beginnings, The Self, Life Force Energy

Evolved Traits: Adventurous, explorers, trailblazers, pursuers, fearless, independent, freedom-loving, action-oriented, motivated, achievers, adept, swift, athletic, raw, innocent, direct, instinctual survivors, wide-ranging talkers, quick-thinkers, dynamic, passionate

Challenging Traits: Forceful, self-involved, overly subjective, easily hurt, defensive, callous, abrasive, threatening, savage, highly competitive, contentious, quick to attack, impatient, impulsive, reckless, audacious, driven by desires, lacking imagination

Zodiac Sign: Aries by Yuhon. <a href="" target="_blank">Click here to buy the print</a>.
Zodiac Sign: Aries by Yuhon. Click here to buy the print.

Meet Aries The Zodiac Sign

If you’ve ever been around someone who exudes warmth, laughter and an adventurous spirit, you’ve likely encountered Aries. Just being around them causes you to forget your worries and I don’t know, go cliff-diving or something.

They’re the kind of people you want around in case of an emergency. A developed Aries has plenty of quick-thinking bravery, high energy – and did I mention bravery? – to tackle a crisis effortlessly.

They possess the sheer energy force to explore new frontiers, inspire new beginnings and accelerate cultural shifts into the next millennium. They could probably rearrange the universe if they wanted.

If Aries isn’t so evolved – the child in an adult body – they’ll do anything to survive, and that includes destroying you, even if that process is clearly self-defeating.

They don’t need comfort zones. They don’t need to accommodate you or compromise themselves to keep the peace. Pffft… who needs peace when there’s a battle to be won?

They might appear bubbly, kind-hearted and innocent. But underneath that veneer, they’d love nothing more than to punch your lights out.

The extent of brutality Aries is capable of is almost as shocking as their potential for risky, unforgettable experiences. Wherever blood is shed, warrior Aries likely isn’t too far away.

Moral of the story: don’t forget your crash helmet. Or, run for cover.

Planets In Aries

When the sun is in Aries from March 21st to April 19th, or when strategic planets are in Aries, either in the sky or in your birth chart, you might feel compelled to accomplish something daring, or begin something new. It’ll be easier for you to be fully present and engaged with life, working to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, you might find yourself veering into reckless chaos, or at least confusion, making it difficult to complete your projects. Or perhaps you feel like a mad person behind the wheel, alternating between laughter and impatient fury while driving in traffic.

The Challenge

Aries Zodiac Symbol,
Aries Zodiac Symbol,

Aries can come across as intrusive or intimidating, but this is their crude way of connecting with others.

They also tend to project themselves onto others, and vice versa. Because of their raw energy and child-like innocence, they’re like mirrors. They reflect back to us what we don’t want to see in ourselves, which most of us don’t totally appreciate.

All of this makes for some easily contentious relationships for Aries.

Add to that the inner battle with their own self, and well, with everything, and it’s an outright miracle when they complete their Arian task.

What’s their task, you might wonder? It’s to channel all of that aggressive raw energy into fruitful, coordinated, steady, feminine creativity and conception – sort of like sex.

The challenge for Aries is to relax, remove blocks to their aggression, and learn to flow in a creative, rhythmic dance with it.

The Victory

When Aries stops trying to hold back their scary, destructive forces, and instead allows their inner fire to rage, they find their impatient wrath naturally dissolves into a cleansing raze, where new growth can, and will, occur.

Sure, there will be some collateral damage. But that happens anyway. No one makes it out of this incarnation alive. That’s not what we’re here for. We’re all here to bravely accelerate the evolution of our soul, our true self. And we need the fighting force of Aries’ to do their part.

But we need that force to be channeled in the right direction, toward new beginnings, evolutionary growth and global progress. If that energy force is held back, it scatters into confusion and chaos. So it must be allowed to bravely flow free, and be appreciated for its unmatched potential – damn the consequences.

The lesson for Aries is: let go of the false need to be liked by everyone in order to awaken to and succeed in your most fulfilling adventure of all, which is to dismantle old, dead structures and create something vibrantly new. 

Birthdate: March 21st to April 19th

Planetary Rulers: Mars, Mercury

Mode and Element: Cardinal, Fire

Opposite Sign: Libra

Physical Body: The Head

Symbols: Ram’s Horns, The Holy Phallus, The Lamb of God

Numerology: 1

Tarot Card: The Emperor

Career Potential: Business Start-up Entrepreneur, Adventure Travel Guide, Humanitarian Leader

Relationship Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra

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