Allow The Goddess To Heal Your Mother Wounds

A few weeks ago, I was walking across our park-like yard. I looked up to see a glorious rainbow directly in front of me. I thought it was nice that I got to witness this nature wonder. But I was in a hurry.

A few days ago, I looked out my window to see another rainbow directly in front of me. It almost felt as if the rainbow was just for me. I sensed there was a message behind it, but I had no idea what it was. I enjoyed the rainbow as long as it lasted, then wished it farewell as it faded into the clouds.

Yesterday, the same rainbow showed up again. This time I knew the message. I was instantly connected to the Divine Goddess, or The Great Mother as she’s known by some.

My Rainbow
My Rainbow

After basking in the immensity of her presence, a spontaneous but honest question arose from within me, and I dared to ask it. I asked The Goddess if she would want to be my mother.

My human mother did the best she could raising her children. She loved us, but she had issues of her own that were overwhelming for her. She spent much of my childhood locked in her bedroom, leaving us kids to fend for ourselves.

The suppression of the divine feminine, and the patriarchal oppression of women didn’t make this easier for any of us. I consider it an outright miracle when I see a mother who cares for, nurtures and genuinely likes her kids… while somehow avoiding the immense pressure to sacrifice her soul in a world in which its power positions are primarily filled by men. But that’s a slightly different topic.

I’ve worked through much of my bitterness, and many of the facts of neglect and abandonment. There’s no animosity between my mother and I when we speak once or twice a year. I’m grateful for my childhood memories that were pleasant. And I feel proud and strong that I can survive and be happy alone.

But I’ve never really had a mother. I don’t know what it’s like to have a mother, or a grandmother…. The divine feminine has been all but absent from my life, until I began to learn witchcraft and the magical arts.

Surprising to me, I’ve been able to get to know my Great-grandmother long after she passed on, at least more than I knew of her in this third dimension. We talk nearly every day, but her soul still seems somewhat distant.

Image Source Unknown
Image Source Unknown

When I asked the Divine Goddess if she would be my mother, she didn’t even have to answer. I already knew beyond all doubt that she’s been my Mother all along. Only we weren’t connected in my consciousness. She sent the rainbows to wake me up, and remind me of our eternal, intimate love.

These messages from the divine don’t come without a cost. As my heart opened to receive unknown mother love, there was some shock. As love floods in to my heart, deep, buried pain pours out. I didn’t know I was carrying this pain. It was so intense, I felt light-headed, dizzy, and I was about to pass out.

Even though I wanted to keep gazing at the rainbow, I had to lie down. After the dizziness subsided, I still felt too weak to get up. So I grabbed a book near me and began to read.

The book is written for solitary witches. It’s called A Witch Alone, Thirteen Moons To Master Practical Magic, by Marian Green. I was on chapter two, which was unexpectedly about… Meeting The Goddess, The Mother. The blatant synchronicity confirmed what I already knew.

I was excited to get to know my Mother, not intellectually, but this time as a real experience. The Great Enchantress, Healer and Restorer, Sea Priestess – she has many names – is… “our original starborn Mother. She is commonly associated with the planet Earth, as Mother Nature, the Earth Goddess, Gaia, the First Parent, self-fertile, bearer of all living creatures…” according to Marian Green.

Divine Mother, Marisa Moreno via Silverwitch
Divine Mother, Marisa Moreno via Silverwitch

She’s the ruler of the Underworld, the Otherworld, and she’s associated with the Moon as well as the Earth, its seasons, the Sea and all bodies of water. All of these have power from which we can draw upon, once we have the key to unlock her mysteries.

In other words, once we’ve experienced all the karma, soul lessons and third dimensional illusions we set out to encounter during our incarnation, we’re now ready to come home to who we really are, and the power to create our reality.

The Goddess is an aspect of our higher self, yet she has her own evolutionary process. Her husband The Sun God is associated with the green crops of the land. Every autumn, he begins to decay and dies completely during winter. The Goddess, who never leaves her children, mourns his death, before he’s resurrected again in the Spring….

Because there’s no “bible” of the witches, we get to know The Goddess internally. This is why she has so many symbols. We each experience different aspects, or perspectives of her. While she’s the Mother of us all, and her nurturing care is unending, each of our relationships with her are unique.

Every night before I fall asleep, I cast a circle of protection around each of my kids, then fill the circle with love. Would the Goddess do this for me? I’ll have to wait and see, as she and I get to know each other in this new realm of being, through meditation, dreams, rituals and unplanned events such as the rainbows.

She longs to make herself known to you personally, when you’re ready. All you have to do is ask with sincerity. Or she may come to you even if you don’t consciously ask. Since she’s a natural part of you, you’re never essentially separated. It’s simply not possible.

Image found at Abduzeedu
Image found at Abduzeedu

But when you wake up to her undying benevolence, be prepared to release your grasp on feminine pain, emotional cries, and mother wounds deep within, no matter what your gender, and no matter what kind of relationship you have with your human mother.

The Goddess does not fear the darkness of your soul; in fact, she abides there as she’s the Queen of the darkness, the dead, and the unborn.

To meet your Mother, you’ll need to traverse the darkness. But it will be the most beautiful catharsis you can imagine, as she cleanses and heal your scars forever.

How will you know you’ve arrived at her meeting place? You’ll just know. You can’t miss the rainbow.



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