A Full Moon Ritual: A Full Manifestation

Our ancestors understood how moon energy is directly involved certain Earth patterns. They also knew that moon energies have a profound effect on human biological cycles. This is because the ancient ones were more aligned with cosmic rhythms than we are in the modern world of technology, generally speaking.

Our goal for moon rituals in our current era is to realign our daily routines with nature’s routines in order to create a more intentional and mindful life experience. We do this by working with the cycles of the cosmos rather than trying to function out of sync with our environment, wasting a lot of precious energy.

Full Moon Rituals

During a full moon, the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. From our perspective, we can see the moon in the fullness of its shining beauty as it reflects the sun’s light, unless a lunar eclipse is occurring.

If we planted a new seed of intention at the new moon and got to work nurturing it, two weeks later at the full moon we should see at least the beginning of its physical form.

At the new moon, we only had a vague idea of how our dream concept or desire might take shape in the world. We knew we wanted to manifest a new job or relationship or a new attitude…. Yet being co-creators with the collective quantum field, we weren’t exactly sure how that idea would play out.

At the full moon, we have a better idea of how the universe is going to return our intention to us. We might also be more aware of what we truly want, and more in touch with our true self. A full moon is representative of possessing a deeper awareness of our intention that we didn’t have before. The unconscious is becoming conscious. And we can better take stock of where we’re at in accomplishing our goal.

So now what? The days surrounding a full moon present an opportunity for us to continue nurturing our intention, even if its path ahead is now perfectly clear to us. We do this by pruning.

The first two weeks of the lunar month were for giving our intention what it needs to expand. The second and last two weeks are symbolic for cutting away what no longer serves its evolution. It’s also used for tying up loose ends and preparing for the next new moon cycle. The moon’s energy ebbs and flows, just like the ocean’s tides.

We can see what needs to be cut away from our attention by “the full light of the moon” or in other words, our conscious awareness. For example, let’s say we wanted to manifest a new job. At the new moon, we released that intention using a symbol in our mind’s eye, such as a work hammer, or a computer. Then we set to work by say, turning in job resumes.

A couple weeks later, we might have a better idea of which job position will be more available or favorable for us. We can then let go of other possible positions so that we can focus on a more specific job field. We also make space in our life to better prepare for this more conducive direction. The point is to let go of what is not in favor or supportive of our job focus so that it can continue to unfold.

How To Create A Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Rituals

Step 1: Evaluate how your intention is beginning to manifest itself.
Have any signs of opportunity shown up in your life? If so, what do those signs point to? How can you narrow down your general mind concept to a more focused intention? How can you align with a more realistic chance of your intention occurring? How can you make your intention more “down to Earth” or practical?

Can you see the primary focus or goal of your intention? If so, it’s time to come up with a new symbol. Instead of using a general image of a gold coin representing a job income, you might turn that symbol into something more specific, such as a construction hammer, a book cover or your new business logo representing what you want to do for work. You can either keep this symbol in your mind’s eye or find a symbolic object for your full moon altar.

Step 2: Remove what isn’t working.
If the manifestation of your intention isn’t yet clear, find what isn’t working and remove those options so that your intention has space to reveal itself. If your focus is clear, now is a good time to let go of the clutter and unnecessary energy zappers that hinder your progress. You can visualize this letting go taking place with your imagination. Or you can write down on a piece of paper what you’d like to release, then burn the paper in a cauldron on your altar table outside under a full moon.

Step 3: Continue narrowing down the focus of your intention and walking away from what is not conducive to it. 
As you keep removing what does not support your goal from your life, you can watch your goal become a reality. What we focus on tends to expand. Continue upgrading or redefining the symbol for your mind’s eye or moon altar in order to better communicate to the universe what you truly want.

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